Ararat province is in Armenia. The name is taken from the biblical Mount Ararat.  The center city of the province is the town of Artashat. So, domestically the neighbor’s divisions of the Ararat are Armavir Province (northwest), Kotayk Province (north), Gegharkunik Province (east), Vayots Dzor Province (southeast) and the city of Yerevan (north). External neighbors are Turkey  (west) and Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (south).

The Ararat province has many remarkable historical and cultural attractions to offer its visitors. In fact, a lot of foreign visitors known Ararat province as a home of Khor Virap monastery. As for Khor Virap, it is the closest point to Mount Ararat. 

There were 11 historical capitals of Armenia, and so two of them, Artashat and Dvin, are in this province.


CAPITAL Artashat
GOVERNOR Aramayis Grigoryan
TOTAL AREA 2,090 km2
POSTAL CODE 0601-0823
Location of Ararat within Armenia


Ararat province is in the east of the central part of Armenia and covers 7% of the total area of the country. Also, it has an area of 2,090 km². From the southeast part, Ararat is surrounded by Ararat plain, from the north – by the Yeranos mountains, from the east – the mountains of Gegham, Dahnak and Mzhkatar, from the south – Urts mountains and from the west – the Araks river.


  • The Yerakh mountains are in the center of the Ararat province.
  • Yeranos Ridge is in the northern part of the Ararat region, south of the Azat River valley. It has sloping, steep slopes. In the western part of the picturesque Mount Yeranos. The highest elevation reaches the eastern part, about 1900 m.
  • Yeranos mountain, in the western part of Yeranos mountain range, 8 km to the north-east-east of Lanjazat village, near the northern edge of the Ararat region. The height is 1823.7 meters. So, the slopes, with the exception of the east, are very steep, 40 ° and more.
  • Mdjkatar mountains are located in the Vedi River basin, from the Gndasar Mountains. The length is 10 km, the highest altitude is Migassar Mountain, 2858 m.
  • The mountains of Dagna is a mountain range of Geghama, one of its southeastern branches. The length is 12 km, the highest peak is Dahnak (2535 m).
  • The mountain range of Urts is in the south of the Ararat region. It is split through the water between Vedi’s Tributary Tributary, Aragatsotn, and Arax. It stretches from the north-east to the south-east, and then to the east. Length is about 25 km, width is up to 11 km. Also, some northern slopes are used for agricultural purposes. The eastern fringe of the range is the Urtasar mountain (1910 m), which connects the valleys of the Shakhapi and Aratso.

Gegham mountains or Ghegam Ridge

One of the most beautiful mountains in Armenia has a volcanic origin. It is surrounded by Sevan Lake from the east, by the rivers Araks and Hrazdan from north and west, Azat and Vedi rivers from the south-west and Arpachai river from the south. The center of the range is a mountaintop with a height of about 65 km and a width of 35 km, with numerous volcanoes, including the highest peak of Azhdahak, 3597.3 m in height and 3212.1 m. 2753 meters high. The highest point of Ararat province is the Spitakasar peak of Gegham mountains with a height of 3560 meters.


Araks, Hrazdan, Azat, and Vedi, are the 4 major rivers of the province.

  • Araks is one of the largest rivers in the Armenian Highland. It has a length of 1,072 km, of which 200 km is the border between Armenia and Turkey. In addition, most of the rivers in Armenia belong to the Araks basin. Of course, Araks was one of the most important cradles of Armenian civilization from ancient times. Arax provided water to Ayrarat, Syunik, Artsakh, Payagataran and Vaspurakan provinces of Greater Armenia, for which it was often called Mother Arax.
  • Hrazdan River is the left tributary of Araks. It has a length of 141 km. The area of the basin is 2650 km2 (without Lake Sevan). Starts from Lake Sevan, flowing south-west direction, crosses Gegharkunik, Kotayk marzes, Yerevan city, Ararat province and flows Arax.
  • The Azat river has a length 55 km. It starts at the altitudes of 3000-3200 meters above the slopes of the Spitakasar mountain range of the Geghama Ridge. At first, about 13 km runs south-westward, crossing the picturesque valley with a depth of 600 meters.
  • The Vedi River is in the Ararat region, one of the left tributaries of Araks. It starts from the south-eastern slopes of the Mankung mountain range, about 2700 meters above the Geghama mountain range


  • Aratso River is one of the left tributaries of Araks. Starts from the southern slopes of the Mzkatar Mountains, at a height of 2700 meters. The length is 42 km, the catchment basin is 122.5 km². It flows through the Zangakatun village.
  • Kajaru (former Darband) is a river in the Ararat region of Armenia, from the Tributaries of Azat. It starts at the altitudes of 3100-3300 m south-western slopes of the Geghasar mountain and flows south-west direction and 13-15 km south-east of the Garni village at the altitude of 1675 m above sea level.
  • Khosrov is a river in the Ararat region of Armenia, from the Vedi tributaries. It starts at about 2900 meters above the southwestern slopes of the Geghama Ridge, flowing south-west and at a height of about 1165 meters, to the right 6-6.3 km northwest of Urtsadzor village.


The Ararat province is economically one of the most developed regions of Armenia, especially its agricultural role. So, having a large part of the Ararat Valley, the region gives a significant part of the agricultural production. Firstly, farming is more developed. The main products are grapes, apricots, peaches, cherries, plums, apples, pears and others. The main crops of the region are watermelon, melon, tomato, cucumber, beans, peas, green pepper, eggplant, wheat. In addition, the land is 90% irrigated by the rivers.

Another important branch of industry is mining. Travertine, limestone, sand, marble, basalt mines and other parts can be found here. There are mineral waters, Ararat and Vedi. There are no industrial metal reserves. The meaning of the food industry is very high. There are a number of factories engaging in the process of agricultural products and they offer jams, natural juices etc.

The region is also one of the main centers for the production of alcoholic beverages. Main products are cognac, wine, vodka.


So, historical and cultural monuments of Ararat region are:

  • Khor Virap Monastery is a monumental complex of 17th-century. He was one of the prominent Armenian pilgrims, associated with Grigor the Illuminator.
  • Artashat Ancient Town
  • Dvin Ancient Town, on the hill between the villages of Hnaberd and Verin Artashat,
  • The castle Tapi, the castle of the church (people also call it Gevorg Marzpetuni), 6-6.8 km north-east of Urtsadzor village, on the right side of Khosrov river.
  • Havuts Tar Monastery, (also known as Amenaprkich, Aaron Church, Darunets Church, Darun Monastery, Red Monastery, Kzlvank, Armenian Tarsus, Hayvots Trier, Hayu Tars, Owl Tars, Hawu Tars, Savior of Havuts Taurus, Hovust Tars Monastery), 2.8-3.4 km east of Garni.
    So, it was a medieval Armenian religious and cultural center. In this monastery dating from the early Middle Ages in 1013, Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni built the St. Amenaprkich church.
  • XII century Surb Karapet monastery, 5,7-6,3 km north-west from Lanjar village,
  • Kakavaberd (alternatively Geghi or Heli’s fortress), 12.3-13 km south-east of a medieval fortress, Vostan Armenian province of Ayrarat province of Greater Hayk, on the right side of the Azat River (to the east of Imirzek ancient city of Artashat).
    The castle is now standing, well-preserved. It is on the top of the mountain. To the north-east, the walls are stretched, which have a thickness of 2-2.5 m, 8-10 meters in height and towers. The church has been preserved inside Berd, but ruins of other buildings.
  • The Aghjots monastery (alternatively St. Stepanos monastery) 6.1-6.5 km south-east from Garni village is a  medieval Armenian monastery complex. It consists of churches, gates, monasteries, cemeteries. 


Visit Ararat Province, and enjoy picturesque background of Mt. Ararat.