The Eurovision Song Contest is the longest-running annual international TV song competition. It is also one of the most-watched non-sporting events in the world. It has 100-600 million audiences in recent years. The contest has been broadcast every year for 62 years. It has been broadcasted even outside of Europe to several countries which do not compete, like China, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Held, first of all, among the member countries of the EBU since 1956.

Based on Italy’s Sanremo Music Festival, the contest was to test the limits of live television broadcast technology.

Each country from Europe represents their singers who perform an original song on live television and radio. Then, every country casts vote for the other countries’ songs, to decide which song is the most popular in the contest.

  Armenia in Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Armenia


Armenia has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest starting from 2006.

Till 2017 Armenia participated in the contest 11 times and has reached to the top 10 seven times.
Armenia’s debut at the Eurovision Song Contest was in 2006. The debut song was “Without your love” and the singer performing the song was Andre.

It was the first time that Armenia participated in the contest. Andre was the first performer of the semi-finals. That song achieved 8th place and was a successful debut for Armenia.

Armenia accomplished 4th place in the contest twice, which is the best result so far. For the first time, it was Sirusho who took the 4th place in 2008 with the song “Qele Qele”. Later in 2014, the song “Not Alone” by Aram Mp3 took the 4th place as well.

2011 was the only year when Armenia did not qualify for the semi-final.

In 2012, Armenia withdrew from the contest due to security concerns.

Armenia didn’t need to compete in the semi-final because they already reached the top ten in the final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Then they automatically reached the final on 12 May performing 23rd of the 24 finalists and came 8th again.

Since the introduction of the semi-finals, Armenia has always been in the top ten. The only exception was in 2011 when Emmy failed to qualify from the first semi-final. She failed only by one point.

Despite the 2012 withdrawal, Armenia participated in the contest the following year, in 2013. The contest was held in Sweden.

Aram MP3 represented Armenia in the contest with  ”Not Alone” in 2014.

He took the 4th place and it was the second time after Sirusho when Armenia reached the top 5 after 4 years. This is the best result achieved by Armenia in Eurovision song contest.

Every year Armenia presents unique songs. The singers are chosen very deliberately. Their powerful voices and professionalism, their behavior and artists on the stage and many other things get taken into consideration.

List of all performances of Armenia in Eurovision from 2006 to 2017

  • In 2006 Armenia participated with the song “Without Your Love” by Andre. Having collected 129 points in the final, he took 8th place.

  • In 2007 Hayko presented Armenia with the song “Anytime You Need”. 138 points in the final brought him the 8th place.

  • As stated above, Sirusho represented Armenia in 2008 with the song  ‘Qele Qele’ and took the 4th place, the best result of Armenia since the beginning. She got 199 points.

  • The song “Jan Jan” performed by Inga and Anush in 2009 collected 92 points in the final. they took 10th place. In their performance, they wore Armenian national dress called ”Taraz”.

  • In 2010 Eva Rivas presented Armenia in Eurovision song contest with the song “Apricot Stone”. With 141 points, she took 7th place.

  • 2011 was the year when Armenian singer Emmy failed  the first semifinal by only one point. The song is “Boom Boom”.

  • Armenian famous band called Dorians presented Armenia in 2013  with the song ‘’Lonely Planet”. They took the 18th place with 41 points.

  • Along with Sirusho, the other song that achieved the 4th place was “Not Alone”  by Aram MP3 in 2014. 174 points brought him one of the best results for Armenia.

  • In 2015  Genealogy presented Armenia with the song ‘’Face The Shadow’’.

Genealogy consists of Armenians representing the five continents (Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe,            Oceania). One is from Armenia as well.

Each of the five Armenian diaspora artists symbolizes the five petals of the forget-not-me flower. In their center, the sixth artist, who is from Armenia unifies the group.

With 34 points they took the 16th place.

  • Iveta Mukuchyan with her song “Love Wave” participated in Eurovision in 2016 and took the 7th place with 249 points.

  •  Artsvik presented Armenia in Eurovision with the song “Fly With Me” in 2017. She took the 18th place with 79 points.