UWC Dilijan is the first international boarding school in Armenia. UWC Dilijan is an international school for teens aged from 13 to 19, scheduled to open in October 2014. The college is situated in Armenia and occupies 88 ha of land within Dilijan National Park. As a matter of facts, the total investments for building consisted of $150 mln. The conductor of the education is Cambridge IGCSE.

UWC Dilijan is the 14th member of the UWC movement (United World Colleges). UWC  movement was founded in 1962. Currently, the school provides IB Diploma years 1 and 2 (grades 11-12). It is one of seventeen colleges around the world. The mission of this movement is to “make education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”. At the present time, the college has 38 faculties.

UWC Dilijan

UWC Dilijan

UWC Dilijan has Summer Educational Programs, volunteering opportunities.  As a  matter of facts, the College provides high-quality health care for students and staff. The medical center is open 24 hours per day. Thus the college also has a dental room. It provides students and staff with regular dental checks.

UWC Dilijan UWC Dilijan UWC Dilijan

Obviously, the core value of the college is to provide superiority in all aspects of development. So it includes intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. UWC Dilijan has diverse facilities which include the main building, library, its facilities, Resource Centre, Medical Centre, Sports Complex, Sports facilities, outdoor learning areas and much more.

Governance of UWC Dilijan

The idea of the creation of UWC Dilijan came in 2006. The Founders of UWC Dilijan are Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend. In fact, the project became real due to the support of other Founding Patrons.  The Head of College is Denise Davidson

The organizers of the project opened Dilijan college on 11 October 2014. So they did it for the 2014-2015 academic year. In the opening day, many people came to congratulate the founders.

Among these people there was the president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, the President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić. Besides them, you could also find clergymen. Thus among the guests, you could see Catholicos Karekin II of Armenia and Patriarch Mar Ignatius Aphrem II of the Syrian Orthodox Church.

Ruben Vardanyan


Ruben is an Armenian-Russian impact investor and social entrepreneur. He serves on the advisory boards of the business schools in Japan and Brazil. He is also a board member of Ameriabank, KAMAZ, etc.

Must be remembered that Ruben is famous for his financial projects and philanthropic programs. Thus together with his partners, Ruben invested about $500M in projects in Armenia. In 2015, Ruben co-founded the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative.

Veronika Zonabend


Veronika is an impact investor and social entrepreneur. She is actively involved in philanthropy. Veronica is a founding partner of UWC Dilijan in Armenia. She is also the founder of the RVVZ Family Foundation and the IDeA Charitable Foundation together with his husband Ruben. She sits on the Boards of Trustees at UWC International (UK) and the American University of Armenia.

Veronica chairs the Board of Directors at Teach For Armenia Educational Foundation. In 2014, the President of RA awarded Veronika Zonabend with the Order of Friendship for her contributions to the educational development and for building UWC Dilijan.

Here is the List of Founding Patrons

  • Gagik Adibekyan (Founding Patron, Russia)
  • Noubar & Anna Afeyan (Founding Patrons, USA)
  • Vladimir & Anna Avetissian (Founding Patrons, Russia)
  • Oleg Mkrtchan (Founding Patron, Ukraine)
  • 4 Anonymous Founding Patrons


The goal of the founders was to put Armenia on the map of the educational world.  In fact, they also wanted to create an international boarding school of the highest standards. Besides all of these, they develop the region by new businesses and social activities.

Tree Planting Ceremony 2016

Tree Planting Ceremony 2016

The School is a full member of UWC network of 14 schools around the world. All of these schools have a special mission. They deliver a challenging and transformational educational experience.

Obviously, they inspire the students to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. Currently, UWC Dilijan is completely accredited IB World School.


UWC Dilijan works with people from diverse backgrounds. The college has positive personal, local and global impact. But the main mission of the school is to unite people, nations, and cultures by the help of education force. Thus the college spreads peace and a sustainable future. The list below presents the aspects they develop.

Mini break-out session

Mini breakout session

  • International and intercultural understanding
  • Celebration of difference
  • Respect for the environment
  • Mutual responsibility and respect
  • Personal challenge
  • Personal responsibility and integrity

International Community

The founders opened the college on 11 October 2014. As mentioned above DilUWC had 198 students from 72 countries in the academic year 2016-17.  So many people around the world support this initiative. The founders employed 40 teachers from 17 countries.  They part in community life as tutors, mentors, and learners.

One of the inseparable parts of UWC Dilijan is CAS. The CASe and service programs are led by the students. Obviously, they engage local community and environment. In the College, the students contribute to their development both as an individual and as a part of a bigger community


If you want to be the UWC Dilijan Student and get a scholarship you must know several rules of the college. Here the students are chosen for nomination by National Committees of their home countries. Only after being selected the members of the Committees asked the family how much they can afford to pay. The committee does an assessment process. So if after the process the members notice that the family cannot pay the full fee then these students are considered for a scholarship. Thus it covers the rest of the fees that they cannot afford themselves to pay.

Main Academic Building on the Left and Sports Complex on the Right

Main Academic Building on the Left and Sports Complex on the Right

For getting scholarship families of the selected students need to provide, show or prove that they really need help for the fee. After that UWC Team will find the necessary funds to meet the fees.

So if you can’t afford to pay the full fee do not hesitate to apply for the scholarship. The most students pay only a small part of the amount or nothing at all.

Grass Football Pitch and Sports Complex

Grass Football Pitch and Sports Complex

It is important to realize that first, you need to concentrate on getting an admission offer. And then the families of successful candidates will be asked for information about family finances.

This will determine the required level of scholarships. Though the College team makes it possible for any chosen student attend the college.

Here is the list of 2016-2017 scholarship

198 students represent 72 countries;

  • about 29% of students Of UWC Dilijan are on full scholarships;
  • 63% of students Of UWC Dilijan are on different levels of partial scholarships.

The students who apply directly can’t get scholarships. So they must pay a full tuition fee of the school.

The campus of UWC Dilijan

The spaces of the school encourage collaborative learning. All things considered, it is crucial for the development of a well-rounded student. The design of the school provides access to knowledge anywhere at any time. Technologies used by UWC fuels a continuous, relevant and adaptive learning environment.

UWC Dilijan

UWC Dilijan

There are natural springs that use rainwater for irrigation. The grounds extend over 88 hectares of spectacular sloping and wooded countryside. The classrooms of the school extend service-learning.

Tree Planting Ceremony 2016 - Spain

Tree Planting Ceremony 2016 – Spain

In UWC Dilijan the students share dining-rooms, common rooms, and bedrooms with students from many different cultures and countries. Thus the students learn and share an international experience.

All things considered, this makes a profound and lifelong change in their understanding of one another. The College develops life-skills by associating them with those with whom they do not immediately have a particular rapport.

Community Meetings

DP1 student from Russia, Gurgen Plays a Piano

DP1 student from Russia, Gurgen Plays Piano

The College organizes community meetings every Monday. As a matter of facts, the purpose of these meetings is to gather the whole community. Thus all students gather after classes. They share interesting and important news and ideas.

K-pop dance performance

K-pop dance performance

They also plan these meetings for announcing about their upcoming events. In the meetings, they also suggest the others to take part in it. Community Meetings are great ways for raising awareness on various topics. The meetings are organized by one of the members of the Student Council.

IB World School

History Class

History Class

As mentioned above, UWC Dilijan has IB Diploma Program. It is an academic program recognized by universities throughout the world. The students aged 16-19 study in the college. It consists of a two-year educational program. As a matter of facts, after completing the program the students get a good knowledge. So they can enter universities of highest ranks.


Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

The first graduation event of the UWC Dilijan was on May 28, 2016. 96 students from around 48 nations finished the two years of the school and took part in the graduation ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

After graduation, many of the students continued their study in leading universities. These universities include Yale, Columbia, University of London, Duke, SOAS, Queen Mary University of London and such others. There are also students who have taken a gap year. So currently they are volunteering around the world as a UWC family member.

Dumfries House


Dumfries House Trust is a UK-based charity. It supports UWC Dilijan. HRH the Prince of Wales and Scholae Mundi chair the building. Dumfries House Trust will provide residential educational courses. So 12 students and up to 4 adults from the UWC Dilijan and other schools in Armenia can take part in the courses. The restored building has been named “Dilijan”. In fact, UWC Dilijan and other students will use 16 rooms of the building.

How to Apply

UWC Logo

UWC Logo

UWC is an education movement. It comprises of 16 international schools. The movement has national committees in more than 150 countries.

National Committee run the Selection Process in candidate’s country of origin.

In fact, when they complete the selection process they become part of the movement.  They nominate a student to a specific college.

Criteria for Selection

Obviously, the Committee makes selection irrespective of social, religious, ethnic and financial considerations. By the process, the committee identifies civic-mindedness in students. In fact, they choose the students whose potentially benefit human kind. UWC helps a student to enter the school regardless of their financial circumstances.

Peace Walk

Peace Walk

It is important to realize that the candidates can tell their preference to what college of this movement they want to enter.  Though the right for nomination a candidate for any college is the right of the national committees. In fact, the national committees make recommendations for admission but the final decision makes the Head of College.

UWC National Committees

As mentioned above, currently there are National Committees in over 150 countries. So the students can apply through this system. Up to the present time, National committees promote the colleges, select and prepare students and run short programs.

George Clooney in UWC Dilijan

George Clooney in UWC Dilijan

National Committee consists of UWC alumni, education professionals, and community leaders. Unfortunately, some countries don’t have committees. Instead, there are selection contacts.

If you are a candidate for the IB Diploma Program then contact the UWC National Committee in their country. You can find your National Committee by selecting your country in the list.

For more information, Armenian students must visit the Armenian National Committee website. Students can apply directly to the UWC if there is no UWC National Committee in their country of citizenship.

It is important to realize that the creation of such kind of institutions is vital. All things considered, Dilijan UWC school will continue to grow in future. It is equally important to know that this school gives a huge knowledge. Obviously, every teen deserves to study here. However, not all pass the selection process. After all, you shouldn’t be in despair. So try again.

Must be remembered that the committee pays attention to the recommendations, self-description, reference of the applicant.  Another key point is the good performance at the interview.