Speaking about Armenian boy names, we are collecting all the possible male names from the ancient time till now. So you can have a deep view of popular boy names and also their meanings. Let’s continue to explore new awesome names…

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List B

Papachan Babajan Բաբաջան Until the end of the last century, it was a rather common name, but it is still being forgotten, but Babajanyan’s surname is still preserved. So, it means soul, friendly.
Papken Babken Բաբգէն From the name Babik, it is in use from the II century. However, it is a living name nowadays.
Pakarad Bagarat Բագարատ Alternative name of Bagrat Pakin Bagin Բագին Pakin, a goddess building in Armenia, had many names in the Armenian Highland, consisting of Pagin’s roots (such as Bagavan, Bagaran, Bagurn, Bagink, etc.).
Pakrat Bagrat Բագրատ Persian origin from the name “baga” that means “God”. Otherwise, it means God’s gift.
So, we have Bagratuni and Bagratyan’s surnames.
Paze Baze Բազէ It comes from the name of the hawkish bird Armenian, which we also meet in ancient Persian sources.
Pazug Bazuk Բազուկ This Armenian male name is derived from the word “wing”. Equal names are Tatul, Holzes. One of the names of Movses Khorenatsi’s invention.
Palig Balik Բալիկ This is a diminutive word which means son, baby.
Pagur Bakur Բակուր  It has a Persian origin and means son of God
Panig Banik Բանիկ Crafty, eloquent
Van is also a wooden tool
Pashkhi Bashkhi Բաշխի It is in use from the XVI century. It means gift
Parik Barik Բարիք A combination of material and non-material outcomes created by nature and man. Also, it is a name of  village in eastern Armenia, in the Kars region
Partughimeos Bartughimeos Բարթուղիմէոս Heb. is a name that is alleged “son of a water-bearer” or “son of Tolome.
Short names: Բարթուղ, Բարթիկ
Parunag Barunak Բարունակ It is in use from the XV century and means fruit branch. So, from here is the surname Baraqyan.
Parsegh Barsegh Բարսեղ Greek origin, from the Basileus word. It means a King and applied from the 5th century.
The surname Barseghyan is also popular. Shortened Basoyan surname.
Peklar Beglar Բեգլար Turkish name of Beglar which translates as a Prince. In Westerner Armenia, it appeared in the form of Peiler, from which the name of Peilian originated.
Now, the name of Beglar is very popular in Armenia. The surname of Beglaryan is more common.
Penik Benik Բենիկ Heb. origin and it is a short or diminutive form of the name Binyamin. So, from here is the surname Benikian.
Palabek Balabek


Turkish. origin, from the words, bala “small” and beg “prince.”
Here is the surname Balabegian (Balabekyan).
Puzant Buzand Բիւզանդ Byzantium (Buzantion), the city of Constantinople. As a name became popular in the 9th century.
 Palasan Balasan


Arabian name of flower balasan, means fragrance and tenderness.
 Peniamin Beniamin Բենիամին Heb. on behalf of Benjamin.
strong, “happy. The word “son of strength and happiness” or “son of the right”.
Although this name comes from the Bible in the 17th century.


List G

Kakig Gagik Գագիկ Assyrian origin from the name Gag, but Armenians changed it into Gagik
Kabriel Gabriel Գաբրիել It consists of the words geber “man”, “man” and el “god”.
It means Goddess, God of Man”.From the VIII century, Armenians started to use this name. However, it is also spread among all Christian nations. Short names are Gabo, Gapo, Gabic, and more. The surnames are Gabrielyan, Gabikyan.
Kalusd Galust Գալուստ It is Armenian name “come”.
So, the surnames of Galstyan and Galoyan are from here.
Gad Գադ From Hebrew Gad – happiness, luck. It was a popular name in the V-VI centuries, now it doesn’t use.
We have the name Gadisho, means “Jesus’ luck.” However, this is one of the oldest borrows from the Hebrew live language. He meets in the novel “Vardanank” by D. Demirchyan.
 Ganajum Persian origin, From the word ganajum. The word means “my treasure”. So, this is the surname Ganjoumyan.
Kamar Gamar Գամար Arabic origin from the word “moon”. It means “bright person” and very spread among Diaspora Armenians.
Karnig Garnik Գառնիկ The diminutive form of the Armenian lamb- Գառ. It is widely known as a male name
and means modest, meek, humble. So the surname of Garnikyan is the same.
Kasbar Gaspar Գասպար It is the name of one of the Gospel Magi that also meets with other Christian nations. Since XIII-XV centuries Armenians started to use it and popular till today. This is the surname of Gasparyan.
Karekin Garegin Գարեգին Armenians started to use this name from the IV-V century and then forgotten. Only in the last centuries, it became popular. The researchers show that this name is not taken from other sources, so it is necessary to search for etymology in the pre-Armenian language.

Short: Garen, Garik, Garo.
This is Gareginian’s surname.

Kegham Gegham Գեղամ As a name it is popular from ancient times. M. Khorenatsi mentioned a number of names related to Gegham (“Geghamay Sea”, “Geghamian Mountains”).
It means “everlasting” or “premature”.
This is the surname Geghamyan.
Kersam Gersam Գերսամ  It means “alien”, “stranger”.
Kevork Gevorg Գէորգ Greek word Georgos. It means “farmer”, “farmer” (from the word “land”, “country”).
Due to Christianity, this Greek name become popular among many peoples. For Armenians, it is in use since 5th century.
This is the surname Gevorgian.
Kisag Gisak Գիսակ Armenian from the word gisak, which means “hair”.
Knel Gnel Գնէլ It is one of the oldest Armenian names mentioned in the bibliography
Kor Gor Գոռ Armenian From the word “horn”.
It means “proud”, “proud”.
Shortly: Gorik.
Kurken Gurgen Գուրգէն Origin from Pahlavi Gurgen, as well as Persian Gurgen
It means “hawthorn” or “hatch”.
This name has been spread among Armenians in the 6th century.
Krikor Grigor Գրիգոր Origin from the Greek name Grigorios, and from Latin Grigorius. It means “alert”, “awake”, “watcher”.This name is common among all Christian nations.
However, Armenians use this name from ancient times – Grigorios, Grigoris, Grigorés, Grigor.
This is the surname of Grigoryan.
Shortcut: Gokor, Girkor, Gikor, Giko, Grish. So, There is also the surname Gikoyan.


List D

Taniel Daniel Դանիէլ Biblical Daniel. Also, it is popular among Christian nations. Short names are Dano, Danush, Tan, Tony. So, that’s the name of Danielyan.
Tavtag Davtak Դաւթակ One of the diminutive forms of David that were popular in ancient times, other names are Davitik, Davutuk. Now it’s forgotten.
Tavit Davit Դաւիթ Biblical name David. It means “beautiful” or “beloved”.
It is used in the Armenians from the times immemorial.
This biblical name is spread not only among Christian nations but also has passed to the Arabs in the form of Davood.
Conversely, Davo, Davitik, Tavo.
From it: Davtyan, Davoyan’s surname.
Terenig Derenik Դերենիկ Armenian Derin means “monastery of the monastery”, “son of a van.”
It is a common name among Armenians. Conversation with Dero.
So, this is Deroyan’s surname.
Tivtsazn Դյուցազն It means “noble”, “giant”.
It consists of “divine” and “honey” tribes.
It’s a rare business name.
Trasdamad Drastamat Դրաստամատ It means “straight-forward”, “no way out”.  A short name is Dro.
 Tarchin Darchin  Դարչին Persian origin from the word Cinnamon. Also, that’s the Darchinian surname.


List E


Yetuart Yeduard Եդուարդ France origin, it means guardian or keeper.
Yeznig Yeznik Եզնիկ The Armenian diminutive form of the word եզն that in the V century (Eznik Koghbatsi).
It’s an Armenian name.
Yezr Yezr Եզր It is the Armenian word. It means “coast”, “border”.
Yeghia Yeghia Եղիա It is from Hebrew Eliyya, one of the oldest names popular in Armenians.
It also occurs in the form of Ilya (Russian Ilya).
Yeghishe Yeghishe Եղիշէ It is an ancient name and has come in two ways: Assyrian (Yeghishe) and Greek (Elisha).
In addition, among the people, there was also the ancient form of Elisha coming from the ancient Jewish language. So, the short name is Yeghish.
Yenovk Yenovk Ենովք It is from the Hebrew Xanokh.
It means “devout”. Ancient form (Yenovk) is no longer used, it is now spread in Yenok.
Yesayi Yesayi Եսայի The Hebrew comes from the “root”.
It means “salvation.” The short name is Yeso. So, this is the surname of Yesayan.
Yeremia Yeremia Երեմիա From Hebrew Iremeya. It means
“height” or “elevator”. One of the oldest names that are popular till today. It’s a short name of Yerem. So, this is the surname of Yeremyan.
Yervant Yervand Երուանդ This name is from Pavlovian “arvand” and means “fast”, “slack”. It is also a popular name for Armenians since the pagan period.
So, This is the surname of Yervandyan.
Yepranos Yepranos Եփրանոս Greek name Euphoronios
and means “happy”, “cheerful”.


List Z

In ancient times, it was very common, and now it is less used. Biographical: Zarmo, Zarmic.

Zadig Zatik Զատիկ Armenian word “Easter”. There are also personal names in other nations (Fascist Pascal, Turkish Bayram, etc.).
So, the surname is Zatikyan.
Zareh Zareh Զարեհ The Persian name is Zarah.
He has come through Firdus’s “Shahname” through literature.
However, It is a common name among Armenians. So, there is also the surname Zarehyan.
Zarevant Zarevand Զարեւանդ This name is one of the oldest Armenian provinces is that it comes from the name Zruani, the son of Khorenatsi, Kisothatrius.
It’s a rare name.
Zarmayr Zarmayr Զարմայր Armenian surprising adjectives and male “men”, such as Jirayr, Norayr, and so on.
Zarmig Zarmik Զարմիկ Armenian origin. It means a son of the sister, brother, cousin, uncle, uncle or aunt. This name is quite popular in Diaspora Armenians.
Zaven Zaven Զաւեն Persian origin and means supporter, assistant.
Zakaria Zakaria Զաքարիա The name of the Hebrew Zekhariya is coined as “well-remembered,” “memorable.” This name is common among people in Zakar, Zak, and others.
The names of Zakaryan, Zakayan, Zakoyan, Zakiyan.
Zkon Zgon Զգօն From the Armenian word alert
Meaning is “Awake”, “Wisdom”, “Wisdom”.
Now it’s almost a forgotten name.
Zenob Zenob Զենոբ  The Greek name Zenobios is composed of the Zen (the god of Zeus-Dios) and the bios of “life.” “Godly life” or “god of life.”
In the Middle Ages, Zenobia, also known as female name Zeinab.
Zohrab Zohrap Զոհրապ Persian Suhrab is the personal name that came from Firdous’s “Shahname” literary way.
It means red
There is also the surname Zohrabyan.
Zorayr Zorayr Զօրայր It is from Armenian word strong. It means strong man and widely spread among Diaspora Armenians.


List T


Takavor Tagavor Թագաւոր From the Armenian word king. So, the surname Tagavoryan is here.
Tateos Tadeos Թադէոս Short names are Tatos, Tato, Tevos and more.
The names of Tadevosyan, Tevosyan, Tatosyan and Tatoyan are also popular
Tatig Tatik Թաթիկ Short name of Tatul.  There is also the surname Tatikyan.
Tatul Tatul Թաթուլ From the Armenian word patch. This is the surname of Tatulyan.
Tornig Tornik Թոռնիկ From the Armenian name grandchild, “son of my son”.
This is the surname of Tornikyan.
Torkom Torgom Թորգոմ From Hebrew name  Thogarma or Thorgama, means “bone”, “corrosive”. This is the surname of Torkomian.
Tovmas Tovmas Թովմաս Greek and Latin Thomas, Russian Foma. Means “twin”.
Among Armenians, it is popular in the form of Tovma, Tumas. So, the surnames of Tovmasyan and Tumasyan are from here.
Toros Toros Թորոս The short form of Theodoros is that it is used as an independent personality among Armenians. This is the surname of Torosyan.
Tukhig Tukhik Թուխիկ From the English word dark. Meaning “dark”, “black”. The name of Tukhikyan is.



List  J- Ts

Jhirayr Jhirayr Ժիրայր From the Armenian words “playful” and “man”. Means “A young man, a lively man.”
Imasdun Imastun Իմաստուն  Means wise man
Ishkhan Ishkhan Իշխան From the Armenian name Prince, also the surname Ishkanyan
Isahag Isahak Իսահակ He has come from the Bible. Means “mockery” or “laugh”.
Isahakyan’s surname.
Levon Levon Լեւոն Greek origin Leon and means “lion”. It is in use since X century.This is the surname Levonyan.
Lernig Lernik Լեռնիկ  From the name mountain
Libarid Liparit Լիպարիտ From the Middle Ages this name was popular among Armenians. It means “liberated” (libero verb).
Lalazar Lalazar Լալազար Persian lalazar word. It means “tulips garden” (literally, “golden poplar”).This is the surname of Lalazaryan
Loris Loris Լոռիս   On behalf of the Armenian Lori province.
Khanamir Khanamir Խանամիր This is from Persian khan and arab. amir words that are honorable titles. However, this name has been spread among the Armenians in the XVII century. Also, this is the surname Khanamiryan.
Khajag Khajak Խաժակ From the Armenian the word “cage” and “eye”.It means “jagged eye”, “blue-eyed” (like Sevak, Tsolak). So, this is the surname Khazhakyan.
Khachadur Khachatur Խաչատուր From the Armenian cross and tour words. It means “crossed”.
It is one of the most common names among Armenians.
This is the surname of Khachaturyan.
Khurshud Khurshud Խուրշուդ From Persian khursid word “sun”. This name is common among Muslim nations. Also, this is the surname of Khurshudyan.
Khanzada Khanzada Խանզադա From the Persian khan “trout” and zada “birth”, “seed”. It means “Prince”, “Prince of Power”. This is the surname Khanzadyan.
Khudaverdi Khudaverdi Խուդավերդ Persian khuda “god” and Turkish verdi the word “gave”.
It means “goddess”. From that, the surname Khudaverdyan.
Khosrov Khosrov Խոսրով Pahlavi from the word xusrav. It means “good-natured”.
This name is still popular in the Armenians from the pagan period. From that, the surname Khosrovyan.
Khoren Khoren Խորէն Persian khor “solar” and the least diminutive “sunny” meaning. It is popular among Armenians in times immemorial. This is the surname Khorenyan.
Dzaruk Ծառուկ From the Armenian tree word. It means “slated height”.
Created in the Middle Ages. This is the surname of Tsarukyan.
Dzadur Ծատուր Armenian origin and it is the short form of Astvathatur. This is the surname of Tsaturyan.
Dzerun Ծերուն Armenian origin and from the word “old” to “longevity”.
Also, This is the surname of Tserunyan.


List K

Gamsaragan Kamsarakan Կամսարական  According to M. Khorenatsi, it is Persian word from kam “deficient” and sar, “peak.”It means “grumpy peak”. Here are the names of Kamsaryan, Kamsarak.
Gamo Kamo Կամո It is the nickname of legendary revolutionary Simon Ter-Petrosyan which has become a name.
Gaydzag Kaytsak Կայծակ Armenian Lightning, It is popular among Western Armenians. This is the surname of Kaytsakyan.
Garabed Karapet Կարապետ Armenian the word “good”. It means “progress”, “predecessor”, “leader”. Conversely, Karo, Karush, Krpo, Karik.
We have surnames of Karapetyan, Krpeian, Krpoyan and Karoyan.
Garbis Karpis Կարպիս  From the Greek word karpos, which means “fruit.”
It is very popular among Diaspora Armenians.
Garen Karen Կարէն Persian From the name of Karen, which is widely spread among Armenians.
This name is completely unmatched by the Karinian surname, which originates on behalf of Karin city (like Vanya, Tabrizyan).
Giragos Kirakos Կիրակոս It means “patriotism”. Short names are: Kakos, Kikos.
Yhe surnames of Kirakosyan and Kakosyan are from here.
Gomidas Komitas Կոմիտաս From the Greek name Komitas. It means  “long hair”.
In the past, this name was often used by clergymen.
It has recently become popular to the people in honor of the Armenian great musician Komitas.
Gosdon Koston Կոստան From the name of Constantinus (lat.), which is more popular in Armenians by Constantine and Constantine. So, we have the surname Kostanyan.
Gosdantin Kostandin Կոստանդին Comes from Latin. It means “strong”, “resistant”.
Armenians use also Kostik, Kosto, Kostya.
The following are the surnames of Kostandian and Kostoyan.
Goriun Koryun Կորիւն It is from Armenian word and means “lion cub”.
Gdrij Ktrich Կտրիճ Armenian word and it means “hero”, “warrior”.


List H

Hazarabed Hazarapet Հազարապետ Armenian From the word “Herald” to the military title. It means “the head of a thousand soldiers.” The name of HAZARAPETYAN is.
Hamazasb Hamazasp Համազասպ  It means “horse breed” or “having a lot of horses”. This name has been popular throughout the Armenians from the pagan region and has survived until now.
Short names are Hamzah, Hamo, Hamik.
These are Hamazaspian and Hamzoyan surnames.
Hampartsum Hambardzum Համբարձում It is a very common Armenian name.
Convenient: Hambar, Hambik, Hambo.
Here are the surnames of Hambardzumyan, Hambaryan.
Hampig Hambik Համբիկ It is a short form of Armenian name that is used as an independent name.
From this: Hambaryan surname.
Hamlet Hamlet Համլետ It has come from a tragedy of artistic literature and theater (under the name of Shakespeare).
Hayasdan Hayastan Հայաստան On behalf of Armenia, it is used as a male name among western Armenians.
However, Oriental Armenians call Armenia girls as a symbol of Motherland.
Hayg Hayk Հայկ An ancient mythological name is explained as “giant”. Hayk is also called the Orion constellation.
So, the surnames of Haykuni, Haykyan.
Haygazn Haykazn Հայկազն Armenian from the name “Hayk” and “son”, “tribe”, “seed”, “generation”.
It means “from the tribe of Hayk”.
The surnames of Haigazian, Haykazun.
One of these names is Haigazu.
Haygazun Haykazun Հայկազուն Haykaz is a kind of name that is popular today.
This is the surname of Haykazun.
Haygaser Haykaser Հայկասէր Armenian from the name of Hayk and the word “peak”. Among the Western Armenians there is the name Ghassacer (as the “Hayk’s Generation”), which has nothing to do with this name.
Haygaran Haykaran Հայկարամ Armenian combination of the names Hayk and Aram, which is popular today as a name.
This is the surname of Haykaramyan.
Hayrabed Hayrapet Հայրապէտ Armenian is a patriarch (Catholicos). Short name: Hayro.
So, Hayrapetyan and Hayroyan surnames.
Hayrig Hayrik Հայրիկ Armenian diminutive form of the word father.
Hetum Hetum Հեթում This name has been spread among the Armenians since XII century.
Now it’s a forgotten name.
There is also the surname Hetumyan.
Hovig Hovik Հովիկ Armenian from the word “cool” (cool), with the diminutive derivative.
It means “gentle wind”, “zeifuri”, “coolness”.
Hrahad Hrahat Հրահատ  It means “the pieces, the grains like fire.”
Persian name of a pine tree, which is not currently so popular in his real name.
Hrayr Hrayr Հրայր Armenian fire “fire” and “man”.
It means “a fireman”.
Hrant Hrand Հրանդ Identifies the name of the Orthodox or the Hiroshima planet.
Among the Western Armenians is Hrant.


List Dz-M

Dzonik Dzonik Ձոնիկ  It means gift in Armenian.
Ghazaros Ghazaros Ղազարոս  On behalf of Greek Lazaros, it means “helper god”.
It has been spread through the New Testament and is a very useful name. Shortened: Ghazar, Ghazo, Ghazik. This is the surname of Ghazarosyan.
Gharib Gharip Ղարիպ  The Arabic-Garib and Persian-jan words “Wise.”
As a name is no longer used.
Only the surname Gharibjanyan was left.
Ghevont Ghevond Ղեւոնդ From the Greek Leonitios form, the leon is the word “lion”. The Armenians were replaced by Ghevondios, later Ghevond.
It coincides with the European, as well as the Russian name Leonid. Applied from the 5th to the present. This is the surname of Ghevondyan.
Ghugas Ghukas Ղուկաս  Greek Loukianos, Latin Lucas, Russian Luke.
It means “resurrection”.
This is Ghukasyan’s surname.
Malkhas Malkhas Մալխաս  Persian goods (goods, property) and khas (good, honorable). It means “a good product.” From that, Malkhasyan’s surname.
Magar Makar Մակար  The Greek makarios word is late. became a macarius. It means “happy”, “fortunate”.
It is a common name among Armenians.
The last name for Makaryan.
Maghakia Մաղաքիա  On behalf of Malaki in Hebrew.
It means “angel”.
We have taken this name from Arabic in Malak as a female name.
This is the surname of Maghakyan.
Mampre Մամբրէ  In the name of the Hebrew Mamre, there is no definitive explanation. It means “rebellious” or “modifying”. From that, Mambreyan’s surname.
Mamigon Մամիկոն  It is one of the oldest Armenian ministerial dynasties that mentions Khorenatsi, Pavstos and later historians.
Now it’s a common name.
Mayis Մայիս From the name of month May, the period when nature awakening and flourishing. Also called Aramayis, but they have nothing to do with it
Manase Մանասէ  In the name of Manasse in the Hebrew language, Manasse in Greek.
It means “forgetting”.
It has been spread through the Bible.
In ancient times, Manasseh was used, but now we meet only Manas.
From that, the surname Manasyan.
Manug Manuk Մանուկ From the word “Armenian”, as the name suggests from the VIII century.
Now it’s a pretty common name.
This is the surname Manukyan.
Madteos Մատթէոս Greek matthaios word. It’s a Latin matthaeus form. It means “song toast”.
It has been spread through the Bible and is a useful name. Now there are Mateus and Matthew.
Matevosyan and Matosyan surnames are from this.
Marzbed Marzpet Մարզպէտ The last name of the hero of the novel “Gevorg Marzpetuni”.
It also meets * Governor *.
It is a well-known personality.
Margos Markos Մարկոս Greek on behalf of Markos.
It has spread among Armenians through religion.
It is also used by other Christian peoples (Latin Marcusi, Russian Mapk, etc.).
The Hebrew verb is referred to as “brilliant”, “polished” or “high pit”.
Now it’s a username.
This is Markosyan’s surname.
Mardig Martik Մարտիկ  The Armenian word “fight”.
It means “fierce”, “warrior” (as Razmik’s name).
The last name for Martikyan.
Sometimes those who are called Martiros are called Martik, which, however, has nothing to do with the name.
Mardiros Martiros Մարտիրոս  Greek name.
It means “martyr”.
From this, the martyrdom of the verb.
It’s a common name. Various types are Mardo, Marto, Mado.
The surnames of Mardoyan, Matoyan, Martoyan, Madoyan, Martirosyan.
Melik Melik Մելիք Arab melik word.
It means “King,” “King.”
It has come from the Middle Ages and is still used by Armenians.
Short, Malo.
From it, Melikyan, Meloyan’s Agnies.
Meghrig Meghrik Մեղրիկ  Armenian honey, word,
It also occurs in the form of Meghush (female).
Is there a Meghrikian surname?
Mekhag Mekhak Մեխակ  Armenian cloves on behalf of flower.
It is a common name.
Here is the surname Mekhakyan.
Mesrob Mesrop Մեսրոպ  It is connected with Mesrop Mashtots.
Occurs in Mesrob, Mesrobil, Mesrop, Mersop, and more.
Distinguished Mesropyan’s surname.
Mihran Mihran Միհրան  On behalf of the Persian Mihran.
It means “black” or “sun gift”, “sunshine”.
It is a common name.
The shortest is Miro.
This is the surname Miroyan.
Mihrtad Միհրդատ  Pahlavi on behalf of Mihrdat
It means “god of Mihr”.
Armenians have been using it since the 4th century.
This is the name of Mihrdatyan.
Minas Minas Մինաս  Similar to the Latin menas and the Dutch menas “moon”.
Some consider it to be a Semitic origin, but there is no name in Hebrew or Arabic.
It remains to be assumed that lately. From the word “menexe” and “dreadful”.
It has come from the Middle Ages and has been used up to now.
Minor is Minho.
Minasyan and Minoyan’s surnames are from this.
Misag Misak Միսակ  The name is from Mesak in Hebrew.
It is mentioned in the XIII century.
means “far-reaching,” “dragging,” “a wall.”
Often this name appears in the only way that is wrong. should not be confused with Armenian rocks.
Distributed by Misakian surname.
Mikayel Միքայէլ  The name is Mikael in Hebrew.
The word literally means “who is God”?
They also leave as “god of power” or “blow god”.
Coming from the Bible.
Short, Mukel, Muko, Muki and so on.
The surnames are Mikayelyan and Mukoyan.
Mkhitar Mkhitar Մխիթար  Armenian consolation, relief from words.
It is still in the 6th century. Today it is also a very usable name.
Shorter forms are Mkho, Hitar, and more.
Mkhitaryan and Mkhoyan surnames are very common.
Mgrdich Mkrtich Մկրտիչ  Armenian baptize
It means “baptist”.
One of the most common names.
Short, Mucuch, Mikic, Mk, Mko, Makich and others, which are composed of
The Mkrtchyan beggar is widely spread.
Mher Mher Մհեր  On behalf of the Persian Mihr.
It has been spread through the epic “Sasuntsi David” mostly in Armenians.
Even written references are not earlier than XII century.
Now it’s a common name.
There is also the surname Mheryan.
Mnatsagan Մնացական  Armenian to make a name from the oath (that is, the bearer of this name should live longer).
There are many manifestations like Mnats, Mno, Matsak, Tsak, and so on.
These are the surnames of Mnatsakanyan, Mnatsyan, Mnoian, Tsakanyan.
Movses Movses Մովսէս  On behalf of the Hebrew Mseh, with the Greek argument, Moses:
According to the Bible, it means “drowned” (copper, “water” and wse “free”).
This name has been spread among the Armenians since ancient times to our day.
Short, Moso, Moss, Moussi and others.
Mushegh Mushegh Մուշեղ  Ancient name, the oldest form of which is Murcheh, has lost Mushegh.
This name has had the kings of Hatay in ancient times.
We are mentioned in the 3rd century.
From that, the last name of Musheghyan.
The distorted form of this is Musho, from which Mushoyan.
Murad Murat Մուրատ  Arabic by Murad
It means “desires, craving.”
This name was widely spread in the Middle Ages, from the time of the Arab rule.
Western Armenians have Murat’s form.
Short, Muro, Murik.
Here is the surname of Muradyan.


List H – N

Hagop Hakob Յակոբ From the name of Jaqob in Hebrew meaning “deceiving”.
It is prevalent among Armenians. He came from the Bible.
We have the forms of Yakob, Jacob (Greek), which are not currently used.
Conversation: Hakobik, Hako, Aklo, Akob and others.
The name of Hakobyan, Hakloyan, Akloyan.
Harutiun Յարութիւն Armenian From the word resurrection (resurrection) as “revival”.
The titles of this name are Harut (Arut), Arut, Harden, Haro, Harutik, Artin, Tun (from which the surname Tunyan) and so on.
This is the surname Harutyunyan.
Hovagim Hovakim Յովակիմ  The name of Yehoyakim in Hebrew, but spread over the Greeks through the Greek, like many European peoples (Latin, German, Yoachim, Russian, Joakim, Yakim).
It is common among Armenians in Hovakim, Owakim, Avakim and others.
Shortened by: Hovak, Akim.
Hovhannes Յովհաննէս  Greek name Ioannes.
It means “sinking”.
There are many different forms of national name among the peoples of this world.
One of the most common names in Armenia is now manifested by Hovhan, Ohannes, Onyx, Onik, Ones, Hanes, Avanes, Vanes, Vanik, Vanya.
The names of Hovhanisyan, Ohanyan, Hanesyan, Vahezyan.
Hovhan Յովհան From the name of Jona in Hebrew:
It means “pigeon”.
Popular forms are Hunan, Huno, Woh, Una.
This is the surname of Hovnanian.
Hovig Hovik Յովիկ  From the Armenian word flame (cool), with the diminutive derivative.
It means “gentle wind”, “zeifuri”, “coolness”.
Hovnatan Յովնաթան  Name of Jehonathan in Hebrew:
It means “gift master” or “goddess”.
This is the surname of Hovnatanyan.
Hovnan Յովնան  From the name of Jona in Hebrew:
It means “pigeon”.
Popular forms are Hunan, Huno, Woh, Una.
This is the surname of Hovnanian.
Hovsep Hovsep Յովսէփ  Name in Hebrew: Josef
It is one of the oldest names in Armenian today.
Shorter forms of this are Hoso, Husup, Usp, Oso, Osik, distorted Osap.
We also have the surname Hovsepyan.
Yurig Yurik Յուիկ  Russian Name: Yury
It is derived from the Greek word Georgios.
It means “farmer”.
Corresponds to the Armenian name Gevorg
Nazaret Nazaret Նազարէթ  From Nazareth, the Hebrew word that is the name of one of the Palestinian cities and proclaimed as the residence of Christ.
It means “blossom” or “crown”.
As a person we use today.
Here is the surname of Nazaretyan.
Nahabed Nahapet Նահապետ  The Armenian patriarch “tribal head” is derived from the word “chief” which is very old, but since its use in the XIII century.
Short, Naho, Niho, Prefix.
Nahapetyan’s surname is spread out.
Nareg Narek Նարեկ  The Armenians are called “Narek” by the medieval Armenian genius philosopher Grigor Narekatsi’s book “The Tragedy of Matter”, which was also considered as a medicine.
In fact, it’s on behalf of Narek village.
Now it’s a common name among Diaspora Armenians.
Navasart Navasard Նաւասարդ  It means “New Year.”
On behalf of the Armenian Navy Month.
It is still mentioned in ancient myths.
Also available now.
The surname Navasardian is spread out.
Short, Navo, from which Navoyan’s surname.
Nerseh Ներսեհ  From the name of Peshlavian Nerseh, which was popular among Armenians from the ancient times to the IX century.
We also have sophisticated names such as Mihrerseh, Parniesseh, and so on.
Now it is no longer used, but its form of the Greek translation, Nerses, is also used today.
Nigol Nikol ՆԻկոլ  From the name of Nicholas in Russian, the Greek word for origin (nike + laos) and the term “races”.
In ancient times it was used in the form of Nicoghos, who came from Greek.
Now Nikolay is a Russian borrower.
Shorter formats such as Nikol, Niko, Nickel, and even Kolya.
The surname Nikolyan was created.
Nigoghos Nikoghos ՆԻկողոս  Greek name Nikolaos
It means “people’s emigration”.
It is widely used in Armenians from the earliest times till now, but often it is named after Nikolay.
Redundant, Nicoghos (from which is the surname Nikoghosyan), even Niko (from whom, and Nikoyan surname).
It is a common name among Armenians in XIII century.
Nshan Nshan Նշան  Armenian the word “sign” as “prominent”, “prominent”.
It is used as a personality from the 18th century to the present.
Nashyan’s surname is also spread.
Norayr Norayr Նորայր Armenian new and even “man” words.
As the first person mentioned in the title The Thriller’s Grammar translation.
It is a purely Armenian name that is also used today
Norig Norik Նորիկ  it is a common name among Armenians.
Sometimes they are called Norayr, but Norik is a personal name.
Nubar Nupar Նուպար  From the word navabar (nubar), which means “new fruit” (new bar). Western Armenians are called men by this name and Eastern Armenians are women.
We have the Noubarian surname.



Sharan Sharan Շարան Persian sara
It means “glutton”, “glutton”.
Some consider the name of the Sumerian Shara god.
This name is often seen among Armenians.
Shahan Shahan Շահան  The short form of the Persian Sahansah is that it is also used as an independent name among other peoples.
Shahnshah means king of the king.
Especially in the XII-XIII centuries the name Shahman was very popular.
Now it is a rare name.
Shahe Shahe Շահէ  It coincides with the name Shahen, which also came from Persian with the same meaning. See Shahen
Shahen Shahen Շահէն  Pahlavi on behalf of Sahen (in Persian: Sahin).
It means “hawk”.
It is spread among the Armenians in the form of Shaen, which comes from the Haglava and proves the ancient name of this name.
The Shahinian surname currently used is not from the word “Shahin”, but on the name of Shahen, as well as by the sound change (like Nerses * * 1 Nersisyan).
Shant Shant Շանթ  Armenian Shant word. A new name. We meet in the 20th century. The literary nickname of poet and playwright Levon Syunbosyan has become a personality.
Shabuh Շապուհ  Persian sah “king” and pur “son”. It means “king”, “roof tomb”. This name has been used in Armenians since IV century.
Shara Shara Շարա  Persian sara It means “glutton”, “glutton”. Some consider the name of the Sumerian Shara god. This name is often seen among Armenians.
Shavab Shavap Շաւասպ  Serbian Syavaspi, hd. The name Savasp is composed of syava (black) black and aspa horses.
It means “black horse”.
This name was still in the Armenians in the pagan centuries.
Shavarsh Shavarsh Շաւարշ  Zendian Sijavarsan is the Persian gavars name. It means “black bear”. The surname Shavarshyan is used.
Shirag Shirak Շիրակ  The name of the Shirak province is also used as a personal name. Now it’s a very common name. We have Shirakian and Shirakuni surnames.
Shmavon Շմաւոն  Hebrew Simon, Assyrian. From the name of Semon, which passed on to the Armenians in Greek expression, Simon, Simeon, Simobo.
It is born. sm root, which means “listen” and “obey”.
This is the surname of Shmavoyan.
Shnorhali Shnorhali Շնորհալի  Glorious
Shnorhk Շնորհք  Grace
Vosgan Voskan Ոսկան  From Armenian Gold. A very common name in the past was Oskans in Tiflis. We have the Voskanyan surname.
Vosdan Vostan Ոստան  From the word “Armenian”. It means “capital”, “free city”, “royal”.
Vorti Vordi Որդի  Son in Armenian
Charents Charents Չարենց  Popular name of poet in Armenia
Balig Պաւլիկ  The Russian language is a duplicate form of Paul, often called as an independent name.
Babig Պապիկ  From Armenian Pope:

It means “great father” (father or mother’s father).

The name dates from the XVII century.

From that, Papikyan’s surname.

Պատուական  From the Armenian word of honor (“good”, “noble”, “glorious”).

It is remembered since XIII century.

From here, the surname of Patagryan.

Badrig Patrik Պատրիկ  Han. From Patrikios: For the first time ever mentioned in “Haymaamour”.

Then he meets in medieval Armenia.

Patrick is also a government official, who has a Greek background.

It is often seen in the complexity of Vardatric.

We have Patrickyan and Vardpatrickyan surnames.

Barkev Pargev Պարգեւ  From the English word “gift”, meaning “gift”, “gift”.

It comes from IV century.

There are also Pargevian surnames.

Bartev Partev Պարթեւ  A new name.

In modern Armenian, the word parth is used as “strong”, “giant”, “broadband”.

In that sense, he has become a personality.

There is a surname Parvtevyan.

Baruyr Paruyr Պարոյր  It is one of the oldest Armenian names that has ever been used.

It means “circle”, “rotation” (we have to spin the verb).

There is Paruyryan surname.

Bedros Petros Պետրոս  Greek on behalf of Petros.

It means “rock”, “stone”.

This name is common among all Christian nations.

Latin Petrus, (Italian: Pietro, Petrus, Peter, Russian, Peter, etc.).

Has Come From the Gospel?

The name used to date is among the Armenians.

The diminutive forms of this are Peto, Petick, Potos, from which are the allegory.

Petrosyan’s surname is spread out.

Berj Perj Պերճ  From the Armenian word.

It means “glorious”, “luxurious”.

It is mentioned in ancient times.

Now it is a common name among Armenians.

The short form is Perchik.

Boghos Poghos Պօղոս  From the Greek name Paulos, the loan is lent. On behalf of Paulus.

Paul is described as “selective”, “surprising”.

It’s a common name among Armenians.

Here is the surname Poghosyan.

Razmig Razmik Ռազմիկ  Armenian warrior word.

It means “fighter”, “fighter.”

As a personality, it is at the turn of the century and is now quite common.

Rafayel Ռաֆայէլ  The name Rafael in Hebrew consists of the words rfa “heal” and “god”.

Means “Medicine for God.”

As a personality, it has spread under the influence of religion.

It is used in the VII century.

The European name of this name is more commonly known (Raphael).

There is also a short form of Rap, from which the surnames of Rapha.

There are Rafaelyan, Raphaelian surnames.

Rosdom Rostom Ռոստոմ  Pahlavi is the name of Rustam that passed from Persian to Armenians.

Means “a strong wind”.

Now it’s a common name. Rustam, Rostom, Arustam, and Rustamyan, Rostomyan and Arustamyan are also popular in Karabakh and other regions.

Roupen Rouben Ռուբէն  The Hebrew name of Reuben From the Rouben form, which is composed of the. ra “see” and “son”, with the meaning of “son”.

Armenians are mentioned in the XI century.

This is a short form of Rubik.

List S-O


Sahag Sahak Սահակ Isekhaq is the name of the Hebrew language.

It means “mockery”, “joy”.

It is in use among Armenians in I century.

The last name of Sahakyan.

Samuel Սամուէլ Name in Hebrew: Semuel

It means “God-Calling”, “Assuming”, “Tribute to God,” according to Hilbishman, “God Listened”.

The name of Samuel became used in the late nineteenth century under the influence of Raffi’s novel.

Now it is only Samvel, which is the surname of Samvelian.

Sasun Sasun Սամսոն From the name of Simson in Hebrew:

It means “The Sun,” (ie, semes “sun”, from the Arabic word sams).

It has come from the Old Testament and is used by Armenians.

We have Samsonyan’s surname.

Sanasar Sanasar Սանասար The name of the Assyrian name has spread among the Armenians from the earliest times.

We meet in the epic “David of Sasun”.

Heb. The word “king” (say: sar usur, which is dated by the King of the Whaling).

Now it’s a username.

Shorter forms are Sano, Sanik.

We have Sanasaryan and Sanoyan surnames.

Sasun Sasun Սասուն It is on behalf of the Armenian Sasun province.

As a personality, it has recently been used by Sasunik, Sasnik, Sasun, and Sasun.

Now the form of Sassanik is used.

We also have the surname Sasunyan.

Sarkis Sargis Սարգիս On behalf of the Assyrian Sargis, which has been used since the 6th century to the present day.

This name can be found in many ways in other languages (Sergios, Latin Sergius, Italian Sergio, Russian Sergei, etc.).

The short forms are Sako, Urek.

We have Sarzsyan’s surname.

Sako Sago Սագօ See Sargis
Saro Saro Սարօ Turkish is a diminutive form of Saribeg that is used as an independent name.

“Hovhannes Tumanyan’s” Anush “poem is popular among us.

There is a surname Saroyan.

Setrag Sedrak Սեդրակ The Greek expression of Sadrak in Hebrew.

It means “stiff soft” or Assyrian “shipping yours”.

Coming from the Old Testament.

Now it’s also a username.

This is a shortcut to the Seto.

We have Sedrakyan’s surname.

Sebuh Sepuh Սեպուհ Armenian Sepuh

It means “Prince,” “Prince,” “noble rider.”

As we have not been in the past, we meet only in the 20th century.

Serop Serob Սերոբ The names of Serovbe and Cherobe have been taken from the gospel, as Greeks, Serafem, Russians, and Cefer names.

It is born. The word saraf (serafhim) (arab seraphim)

Meaning “flames”, “flames”.

The form of the diminutive Saff is also used in the Armenians.

We have Serobyan and Srapyan surnames.

Sero Sero Սերօ From Armenian love word.

Created by the ending of the folk barracks (eg, Moso, Sato, Verso, Karo, Mko, Toro and others).

Now it’s one of the common names.

Sevag Sevak Սեւակ This is an Armenian name, composed of black and roll words (like Tsolak, Khazhak, Paylak)

It means “black eyes”, “blackish”.

You should not confuse the dumb lizard with the word “eye” here.

Now it’s a pretty common, bisexual name.

He is also used as a surname (Rober Sevag, Gurgen Sevak, Paruyr Sevak).

Sevan Sevan Սեւան A new name is taken on behalf of Lake Sevan.

A weakly used name.

Distributed among Diaspora Armenians.

Set Set Սէթ Hebrew (Seth) Transition is (Seth).

It means “comfort.”

They go on as “drunkenness,” “forgetting the evil.”

One of the oldest names comes from “Haymavurk”.

There is a surname Satyan.

Simeon Simeon Սիմէոն Hebrew Simon, Syriac Semon, Greek Simon.

In the first form, Armenians have the name Shmavon, and in Greek, Simon or Ume n noun.

It means “listener,” “listening,” or “listening”.

There is also the Simavon form of this name, which is no longer used.

The surname Simonyan is common.

Simon Simon Սիմոն See Simeon
Sion Sion Սիոն The name of the Mount Zion in the Hebrew language later became known as a personality.

It means “watching place”.

Sisag Sisak Սիսակ The word sisak in Hebrew.

It means “joy”.

Armenians have never been used in the past, but now we meet.

There is also Sisakyan’s surname.

Siragan Sirakan Սիրական From the Armenian word for love

It means “dear”.

From it, Siranyan’s surname.

Sirak Sirak Սիրաք The word of the Armenian love is phonetic.

We also have a female name, Serik.

According to Acharyan, he has Greek origin.

Smpad Smbat Սմբատ On behalf of the Sunbul flower in Persia, Armenians also have bulgur.

As a woman’s name is not mentioned in the past.

Soghomon Soghomon Սողոմոն On behalf of the Greek Selomo, the Armenians have passed the Greek Solomon form.

It is considered as a “peacemaker”.


Shorter forms are: Soghik, Soghom, Sogh.

We have Soghomonyan and Soghoyan surnames.

Suren Suren Սուրէն Pahlavi in the name of Suren originates from the word “strong” in Sura.

It is one of the oldest names that has survived to this day.

The diminutive forms are Surik, Suro.

We also have Surenyan’s surname.

Surig Surik Սուրիկ See Suren
Sukias Sukias Սուքիաս Greek Hisukhios.

It means “quiet”, “peaceful”.

It is a common name among the Armenians.

We have Sukiasyan’s surname.

Sdepan Stepan Ստեփան The Greek name is Stefanos.

It means “crown”.

It is used in Armenians from IV century till today, Stepanos, Stepan, Stepan, Tepan, Tepo and others.

We have Stepan, Tepanyan, Tepoyan surnames.

Vazken Vazgen Վազգէն It is a name from Ancient Persian that has the most particle (like Gourgen, Zaven, Suren).

Acharyan tied the arm. vase with the word “frog”.

Now it is a common name among Armenians.

Vakhtang Vakhtank Վախթանկ It is a Persian name that has been seen among Armenians since the 8th century to date.

It is also very common in Georgia, but the Persians are no longer used, so their origins are fading.

Vakhdank Vakhtang Վախտանգ See Vakhtank
Vahakn Vahagn Վահագն In the Armenian mythology, Vahagn is the god of thunder.

It corresponds to the Hellenic Heracles, Latin. Heracules.

Vahagn’s worship was among the Armenians in the pagan centuries.

It is still used by Armenians in the middle of the century.

Vahag Vahak See Vahag
Vahan Vahan Վահան Markwart considered the short form of Vahagn after the name of Vahagn

The name Vahan is a name for the “sun”, the Persian word “ghul”.

It means “sword-protecting metal appliance”, “protector”.

The names of these, Vahan’s.

Conversation, Vahanik.

Vahe Vahe Վահէ From ancient Persia, Vahya, Vahyah.

It means “best”, “high”.

However, as his personality was not among the Persians, and in Armenian history (according to H. Acharyan), it is mentioned only once.

This is the last name of Vahanyan.

Vahig Vahik Վահիկ See Vahe
Vahram Vahram Վահրամ Cache From Vahram.

It means “spring”.

H Acharyan identifies Vahaz, while relying on the explanation of “Haymavurk”, “Vahram, it’s raining”.

Compare to keep. “Varan”, clair. The word “baran” means “rain”.

There is no doubt that the name Vahram is connected to the keep. With the god Varhran, the Crucified Planet.

This is the surname of Vahramyan and the place of Vahramaberd (Shirak).

Vahrij Վահրիճ Pahlavi on behalf of Vahric (Persian: Vahriz).

It means “greetings”, “well-running” (good, riz-flow).

Vanig Vanik Վանիկ Armenian Hovhanik from the name of Hovhannes.

Now used as an independent name.

Vagharshag Vagharshak Վաղարշակ Vagharsh has long been used by Armenians.

Some people interpret as “strong Arshak”

There are also early, shorter forms of this name.

There is also the Vagharshakyan surname.

Vachagan Vachakan Վաչական It is a Persian name.

We meet at Buzand.

It is derived from the Persian word vece (see Vach).

Vachakan Vachagan Վաչագան See Vache
Vache Vache Վաչէ Persian VaCe

It means “puppy”.

It is in use from the very first century.

Now it is a living name.

There is Vachyan’s surname.

Vasag Vasak Վասակ From Persia Vasak:

It means “free”, “sovereign”.

It is one of the oldest names and is still preserved in Armenians.

We have Vasakyan’s surname.

Varak Varag Վարագ On the name of Mount Varag and Varaga monastery.

As a personality, it is mostly used in the Caucasus from the 18th century.

We also have the surname Varagyan.

Varastad Varasdat Վարազդատ It is composed of Persian Varaz and Armenian Dat.

Now it’s a very common name, especially in Shirak.

Short name is Varaz, Varazik.

Vart Vard Վարդ From the word varedat, “glory is added”

But the name of this rose came from the Saxon word varta, the Arabic word “rose”.

Today, it is also used as male and female.

We have Vardian, Varduni’s nerves.

Vartan Vardan Վարդան From the Iranian name Vardan, which is used in Armenians from the time immemorial, to our days.

Especially widespread in V century, in honor of Vardan Mamikonyan. This is the name of Vardanyan.

Vartkes Vardges Վարդգես Armenian Rose and Ges (words).

It means “rose-like hair,” “rose-brown,” “rosary”.

Now it’s a pretty good name.

There is also Vardgesian’s surname.

Varteres Varderes Վարդերես Armenian roses and thirty words.

It means “with a red cheek.”

A name created in recent centuries is likely to be a successful attempt to glorify Gyulizar.

However, as a male personality is not used today.

We have Varderesyan’s surname.

Varujhan Varujhan Վարուժան From the Armenian word of caucasian or influenza.

It means “male bird”.

Now it’s a common name.

Viken Vigen Վիգէն The name of Latin Vincent that originated from the vinco “beat” the verb.

It means “victory”.

Corresponds to Victor’s name.

It has come from XII century and now it is a common name.

Vramshabuh Վռամշապուհ Persian Vram and Shapuh names.

It is one of the oldest Armenian names, spread in honor of King Vramshapuh (389-414) during which Mashtots created the Armenian alphabet.

Vrej Vrej Վրէժ English revenge.

There are also Vrezhuhi, Vrezhik’s forms that are used as feminine


Vrtanes Վրթանէս One of the oldest names that spread among Armenians in IV century.

There is a Vrtanesyan surname.

Vruyr Վրոյր This name comes from the pagan period and has not been proven.

According to Khorenatsi, the son of King Artashes was Vrouyr.

Dajad Տաճատ Persian dasad

It means “a gift.”

This name has been used in Armenians since IV century.

It is a short form, Tacho.

We also have the surname Tachatyan.

Dadur Tatur Տատուր Armenian is a short form of the name of Tiratur, which is sometimes seen as an independent name.

Now it is rare.

It is the name of Tatourian

Daron Taron Տարօն On behalf of the province of Taron (Mush), it has become a personality in the early centuries and spreads.

There is Taronyan’s surname

Davros Տաւրոս It is the name of Mount Taurus, which has been renamed to its name (like Masis, Aragats).
Dikran Tigran Տիգրան Old Persian is the name of Tigrana, known by Persian commanders and princes.

However, this name has been used by Armenians five centuries ago.

For thousands of years the people have not forgotten, preserved in honor of Tigran the King.

Tigran’s name is not comunicated.

The surname Tigranyan is spread.

Diran Tiran Տիրան Ancient Persian Tirana, the name of which is the root of the Tir (God of the gods).

One of the oldest names common among Armenians is that it is still used. We also have Tiran’s surname.

Diradur Tiratur Տիրատուր It means “owner’s”, “goddess”.

Now it is a rare name.

We have Tiraturian surname.

It is a shortcut to Tiro, from which Tiroian.

Drtad Trdat Տրդատ Pahlavi on behalf of Tirdat:

It means “what God has given you.”

It is still used by Armenians in paganism and is now a living name.

So from that, the surname Trdatyan.

Donabed Tonapet Տօնապետ The word is Armenian

It means “holiday leader”, “celebration”.

Nowadays, these names are few, but Tonapetyan’s surname is still in use.

Raffi Raffi ՐաՖՖի Arabic on behalf of Rafi.

It means “majestic”, “outstanding”.

So, it is the literary name of the great Armenian novelist has become his personality and spread among the people.

Tsolag Ցոլակ Armenian the word “eye” and “eyelid”.

It means “luster, with brilliant eyes” (as the names of Khajag, Sevak).

It is one of the oldest names.

Tsolakyan surname is popular

Paylag Paylak Փայլակ Armenian Glossary.

It is used as a name for Armenians in the 19th century.

Panos Panos Փանոս Greek fanos

It means “bright”, “bright”.

This name has been spread among the Armenians in the VII century.

This is Panosyan’s surname.

Parnag Parnak Փառնակ Armenian is one of the oldest names

Acharyan considers the Persian form Pranavag short form.

It means “glorious”, “worthy of glory”.

From that, Parnayan’s surname.

Paramaz Paramaz Փարամազ Ancient Persian parnabuza is a complex word that is adorned with “glorious arm”.

This name has long been used before Armenians.

However, it’s a little used now.

Pilibbos Փիլիպպոս The Greek name Filippos is composed of “fil” love “and lippoS” horse “.

It means “horse-loving”, “horse-drawn”.

However, this name exists among Armenians in the VII century.

The diminutive forms are Philos, Philo.

So, We have Piliposyan, Pilosyan and Piloyan surnames.

Kachig Քաջիկ From the brave word in Armenian

It means “brave boy”.

Kerovbe Քերովբէ From the word cherub “angel”, which was also used as a personal name.

In the 19th century, we meet a shorter form and now dominates everywhere in the world.

There is also a Kerobyan surname.

Krisdapor Kristapor Քրիստափոր Greek name Khristoforos

It means “Christopher”.

However, it is a common name among all Christian nations.

We have been using it since the 5th century.

So, now it is a rare name.

Oksen Ogsen Օգսէն On the name of Latin Auxsentios:

This name exists among the Armenians in IV century and was very popular among Western Armenians (especially in Constantinople).

So, now it’s a popular name.

Ohan Օհան The short form of Hovhannes or Hovhan (Hovhan) is commonly used as an independent name.

We have also Ohanyan surname.

Onnig Onniք Օննիկ The short name of Hovhannes. So, See Hovhannes


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