On April 17, the National Assembly elections of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia started. Serzh Sargsyan became the prime minister. 77 National Assembly deputies voted for, 15 voted against.

At about 12:10, during the rally in the French Square, Nikol Pashinyan announced that he is now starting a velvet revolution and they must block public institutions. During the rally, the crowd of protesters stretched from the French Square to Amiryan Street.

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After the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan, which took place on April 23, Nikol Pashinyan made a speech at the Republic Square of Armenia.

Earlier, Nikol Pashinyan stated during a press conference:

I will become the prime minister, if the nation puts that responsibility on me.

Also, as another reminder, acccording to Pashinyan the following is the second step after Serzh Sargsyan resigned:

“The National Assembly must elect a candidate for the prime minister chosen by the nation and this should take place within the next week. After which a temporary government will be formed. Then snap parliamentary elections should be held as soon as possible.”

Nikol Pashinyan

So far, the Armenian nation’s only candidate for the post of the Prime Minister is no other than Nikol Pashinyan.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party stated:

The federation has no final decision. But we think that in the context of our yesterday’s statement, we will defend Nikol Pashinyan’s nomination.

On the day before, they issued a statement suggesting to form a unified political agenda. with the participation of all parliamentary factions ahead of the special session of the parliament scheduled for May 1. And come to an agreement on a common candidate which enjoys the trust of the people who should “provide the relevant staff and program of activities of the Government on the basis of conciliation”.

Prosperous Armenia’s Leader Tsarukyan stated:

If the victory belongs to the people, nobody has the moral right to take that victory. It is the people’s victory, hence, the people must decide and offer the candidate. With my whole team, I will give my voice to the people’s candidate.

Republican Party stated:

If three political forces of the National Assembly have a single candidate, we will not be an obstacle to the people’s candidate. We will not be an obstacle.

The leader of the “My Step” initiative, Nikol Pashinyan, announced at the rally at Republic Square that he is ready to assume the post of Prime Minister.

Nikol Pashinyan

Now I want to clearly answer this pending question of the Republic of Armenia. I want to look straight in the eyes of all of you, with all the confidence to declare this. Yes, I am ready to take the post of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia with responsibility, because I serve to the people of Armenia.

In adition, thousands of supporters in the square warmly recieved his statement.

His speech on the next day is as follows:

It is absolutely not essential who will be the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. Because what’s essential is that there is a ruler of the country, the people who have taken the power of the country in their own hands.

He also noted that the only candidate nominated for the Prime Minister’s post on May 1 parliamentary elections was himself. Also, that he had received the support from the three “Exit(Elq)”, “Tsarukyan” and ARF factions. In addition, the majority of the Republican Party stated that they would not be and obstacle.

The square welcomed his statement with “Nikol, Nikol” exclamations. Interrupting them, Pashinyan continued:

So far many people seemed to think this would be the most important event in the recent political process. In reality, however, it is now possible to state that the most important event took place before that. The most important event took place a few days ago. And it was obvious to all of us, that in the Republic of Armenia there is a nation who stands up and took everything in their own hands.

I want to say that it is absolutely not important who will be the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. The most important thing is that there are people in the country who very clearly, with all the details know what to do if suddenly any government in the country acts impudently, loses itself, loses its passion for experience and underestimates its people.

On May 1,  Nikol Pashinyan, through Facebook broadcast, stated that the ruling Republican Party is trying to overthrow the May 1 Prime Minister’s elections, where the only candidate nominated is Pashinyan.

“We have just been informed that during a night-time meeting, the Republicans have decided to overthrow the Prime Minister’s elections,” he said.

“I urge you all to come early in the morning and gather in the Republic Square to counteract the new plan of Serzh Sargsyan and the Republican Party,” says the opposition leader. Also noting that there will be an attempt to restore the ruling Republican Party.


Nikol Pashinyan stated in his speech at the National Assembly:

It seemed that the Republican Party would soberly evaluate the situation and would be guided by the interests of the people and the state. And that it would contribute to the de jure record of this pan-national awakening. However, the leadership, headed by Serzh Sargsyan, continues playing the “mouse and the cat” with his own people.

They did not announce that they will vote for the people’s candidate, although they realize that this is the only way to overcome the crisis and put Armenia on the path of sustainable development.

Understanding the sensitivity of the situation, based on our ideology of love and tolerance, national unity and solidarity, we have created all the opportunities for dignified removal of Serzh Sargsyan and RP elite. But these people, who have kept their own people in chains for many years, are probably inclined to perceive this behavior as a weakness.

From the tribune of the National Assembly, I appeal to the people of the Republic of Armenia, every citizen. Dear compatriots, they want to steal your victory again, do not stay at home and at right now, go to the street and head towards the Republic Square, flood the streets and squares of other cities.

In his final speech, Pashinyan called on the deputies of the Republican Party that form the majority of the National Assembly to “vote for the benefit of the people.”

“I was blamed for the fact that I threatened to destroy the Republican Party. I officially state that I have no such intention. Because the Republican Party of Armenia in its present debate has destroyed itself irreversibly, “Nikol Pashinyan announced. Adding that “The power that declares war on its own people can not exist.”

The oppositionist also stated that all those who. “try to hint that there are some dark, alien forces in this movement, insult their own nation.”

“This shows that this faction has nothing to do with the Armenian people. They speak about explosive situation, yet there is no explosive situation. Today there is no correlation between forces in Armenia, there are people in Armenia today. On the other side, there are 20-25 deputies from Republican party and their elite. They want to prove that there is an explosive situation.

There will be no clash. I have said many times that in case of danger threatening the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic, this entire nationwide movement will dedicate themselves to the defense of Armenia and Artsakh.


Nikol Pashinyan, however, did not receive enough votes. 45 voted for, and 56 voted against him.

In addition, only one deputy from the ruling Republican Party voted for Nikol Pashinyan, former governor of Shirak, Felix Tsolakyan.

After the voting, Azatutyun Rdio station asked Tsolakyan what was the reason for his decision. “Conscience and peace,” the deputy replied.

The “Tsarukyan” faction together wit the ARF party had earlier stated that they would support Pashinyan. Exit, Tsarukyan and ARF factions have a total of 47 votes in the parliament with 105 deputies. (ARF member Aghvan Vardanyan announced that he would not vote). At least 53 voices are needed for Pashinyan to be elected. The RPA has 58 mandates.