On April 17, the National Assembly elections of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia started. Serzh Sargsyan became the prime minister. 77 National Assembly deputies voted for, 15 voted against.

At about 12:10, during the rally in the French Square, Nikol Pashinyan announced that he is now starting a velvet revolution and they must block public institutions. During the rally, the crowd of protesters stretched from the French Square to Amiryan Street.

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After the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan, which took place on April 23, Nikol Pashinyan made a speech at the Republic Square of Armenia.

Nikol Pashinyan’s Speech

Nikol Pashinyan

The proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia, you won, I want to repeat the slogan, with the help of which we have won, “Take a step, Deny Serzh”.

Yesterday the already well-known meeting of me and Serzh Sargsyan took place. And he left in the half of the meeting, and from this moment it became clear to me that he had left the prime minister’s post.

Yesterday, when a group of NSS officers took me away from the street of Artsakh and in a very secretly conditions took me to the police department in Sevan, I was joking with them. They did not understand why I did that, and I explained that from now on there is a new authority and its name is the Armenian nation.

They kept me in a perfect isolation, but from the moment when high-ranking officials visited my lockup, I realized that the velvet revolution had won.

This morning they told me, offered me to agree to Serzh Sargsyan’s resignment in October, and after two hours they offered me that he resigns in a month, and later, in the PHAP, they offered me that Sargsyan resigns on April 25. I heard all of their suggestions and told them my own, that Sargsyan should resign within 2 hours. And he resigned within 2 hours. Victory!

I want to celebrate the first victory of this national, non-violent velvet revolution.

But, I want to remind you that in our agenda there were not one but several questions.

1. S. Sargsyan should resign, this has already happened.

2. The National Assembly shall appoint the Prime Minister chosen by the nation. And it should take place within the next 1 week, after which,

3. A temporary government is formed in the Republic of Armenia, followed by extraordinary parliamentary elections, as soon as possible.

So, we said we were ready to discuss the issue. The issue of removing Sargsyan from power and transferring it smoothly. And now, when Sargsyan left, we are going to continue negotiations at Marriott Hotel on Wednesday at 11 am, on the smooth pass of the power, with acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. I think the RPA elite will recognize the victory of the people’s non-violent, velvet revolution without reservation. The sooner this fact is recorded, the better for Armenia and the NKR.

I want to unequivocally record that our national, nonviolent revolution can not remain incomplete – it should continue till the end. And I am sure, that you are standing for the sake of victory.

If S. Sargsyan and the Republican party hope that there will be a situation that will allow them to implement shadow management, I urge to forget that idea. People’s victory should be accepted immediately and without preconditions.

The next topic is, for many years in Armenia, there was the atmosphere of hatred. I want to state once again, the page of that atmosphere in Armenia has ended, and the atmosphere of hatred in the domestic political life should be ruled out.

And I want to appeal to anyone who thinks this revolution is revulsion towards them. I want to address all those who get their suitcases ready. All the businessmen who worried about this process and think that revenge will begin and they are thinking of leaving the country.

My dear, do not do it, because there will be nor a vendetta, nor hatred. From now on, there will be the atmosphere of freedom, brotherhood, justice and national unity in Armenia.

I express my greetings and gratitude to Nagorno-Karabakh for being restrained and not succumbing to passion.

Before the end of this rally, all those who have been detained within this movement should be released. The police should immediately cease the process of detaining our movement participants. I want us to agree on a question that the people’s power is able to keep the situation 100 percent controlled. I hope that through our celebration today, there will be no unpleasant incidents.

There should be no damage to even a tree branch. Avoid alchohol, show exceptional respectful attitude towards all policemen and law enforcement officers. I also demand the same attitude by the police towards the victorious citizens of Armenia. From now on, we must seriously deal with the construction of the very near future of Armenia. Armenia should be a free and a happy state, and the citizen – happy and prosperous.

I highlight the reaction of the RF MFA representative on Sargsyan’s resignation. He stated that Russia is always with Armenia and hoped that it would be the same with other countries.

Today is a holiday for all of us. I want to say what I said after leaving the prison and getting here, people of the Republic of Armenia, “Ko Tsave Tanem!” (literally, “I’ll take your pain”; “Give your pain to me”).

This is the tribute to the memory of the four-day war of April, Sardarapat Battle, the Artsakh Movement and the March 1 victims. Tomorrow, on April 24, if nothing extraordinary happens, our actions will be in the context of the day’s council.

Tomorrow, at 15:00, we walk from Republic Square to Tsitsernakaberd… to tell our martyrs, our murdered, slaughtered, our down-and-out people, You are now forever victorious people, and you are invincible.


I ask to accredit me to negotiate on behalf of the people with the acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan over smoothly passing the power.

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March to Tsitsernakaberd

On April 24, thousands of people marched to the Genocide Memorial in Tsitsernakaberd from the Republic Square for the 103rd anniversary. Nikol Pashinyan lead the march. At about 8.30 pm, Nikol Pashinyan held press conference for the foreign media, which lasted about an hour. Media outlets from Russia, the European Union and other countries participated in the press conference.