Where is Lake Sevan?

Lake Sevan is located in Gegharkunik province, one of the most spectacular regions in Armenia. Millions of years of volcanic eruptions shaped its stunning landscape.

Sevan is Armenia’s largest lake and a summer magnet for thousands of locals, who bask on its man-made beaches as well as party in one of its booming resorts.

If Armenia has anything like a Mediterranean character, Gegharkunik is where you’ll find it. With friendly beach combers looking for that perfect sand, ski jet, and bikini.

The lake (called Gegharkunik for a long time) seems like a stunning body of water. There are ecological risks and mismanagement.

Uncontrolled tourism and locals notorious penchant to litter everything in their reach.

It never fails to impress with its unpredictable moods, reflected in its jet-black to aquamarine colors.

Where to stay? What to do?

Lake Sevan

Sevan is also the recreation spot in Armenia, for locals and tourists alike. Over 160 beach resorts, from the humblest beach front with a few «domiks» (metal huts) and camping spots to the most pretentious hotels in Armenia they are all almost full. Furthermore, the hub of all this summer fun is the Sevan peninsula, with an 8th-century monastery overlooking the beach-partying crowd, who revel in the water by day (sailing, skiing, paragliding, water boarding, jet skiing) and party onshore at night (disco, disco, disco).

Local inhabitants take all this in stride while eking out their livelihood serving the beach combers (selling hot chestnuts, grilled corn, and fish) or tilling the upper plots of farmland. And there are rewards for those willing to look a little deeper but also climb a little higher.

With villagers welcoming the wayward soul into their homes and hearts.


Salmo ischchan

Famous fish in Sevan Salmo ischchan.

CAUTION beach revelers

Be careful with beach revelers, therefore this is a hard-knock existence.

And precious few tourists bother to go beyond the next khorovats stand or beach party bingo.

Locals are impressed by those who bother to look into their side of the world and take particular pride.