For those, who create…

In we believe that every great idea should be known by others. Thus, we are happy to inform you about starting our new project, the main idea of which is to support startups and other Armenia-based companies. If you have created a successful brand, which makes changes and creates something new, you are more than welcome to send us an article about you and your company, as we are going to post it on our website.

The article should contain 400-500 words. You can attach videos and photos as well. Try to put the general information about your company. Moreover, make sure to write about all the successes you had so far and about the plans you are making for future.

You can work in all of the spheres of life: food, activities, art, technology, nature, and sustainability. It is important that you do something unique, which makes people’s lives easier.

Before publishing the article, we will have to make sure your company is innovative and helps the local market to improve. So it is important to mention, that only exciting and innovative companies will be added to our website.


For example, PicsArt, an app where you can make fantastic images and share with friends. Alternatively, Yell Extreme Park for extreme fans. Volterman was one of the nicest examples of crowdfunding. All of these companies have made changes in their area and are innovative enough to become international products.

We want fresh and great ideas to grow faster! So at last, but not the least, we will publish the articles without any financial compensation. We will be waiting for your stories. Send them to

If you are interested in other types of partnership, please also feel free to contact us anytime with your ideas.