Have you ever thought what’s in your wallet in the actual time? I.D cards? Bank cards? A picture? A business card? Your medical information?  2010 study found that the average person spends 110 hours to recover lost information once their wallet is stolen. The person also spends half days for few financial, security, and health ramifications. There have been huge growths in the smart wallet market in recent years. But they have limitations with the functionality. This brought the idea of creating the smartest wallet in the world called Volterman. Volterman is the latest innovation in the 21st century. The wallet acts as a power bank, GPS Tracker, and Wi-Fi hotspot. Voltermen also incorporates some smart security features like distance alarm system, thief detector Camera in case you are struck by a pickpocket.

The idea of creation of the smartest wallet in the World

Sometimes, the best ideas are born in moments of disappointment and despair. When the problem occurs, creative minds try to solve it. The inventor of the Volterman smart wallet, Azat Tovmasyan is one of the creative minds that decided to stop this injustice. In fact, he lost his wallet several times.

Azat Tovmasyan - Inventor of Volterman

Azat Tovmasyan – Inventor of Volterman

The idea of the World’s Smartest Wallet came 3 years ago in Armenia when Azat (an engineer) lost his wallet for the third time.

In fact, this time his three-year-old daughter hid the wallet behind the kitchen stove. It took him several weeks to recover all of his IDs, the missing documents, and cards. Only a month later he could find it.

So Azat tried very hard to find a smart wallet that would prevent him from future losses. However, all his efforts were in vain. All the smart wallets that he found only had a Bluetooth Alarm. In fact, this feature helps to track a wallet only within 20 meters. This problem led Azat to create the World’s Smallest Wallet by himself.

The dream of creating the smartest wallet became true only after 2 years. During the years Azat prototyped and partnered with the best manufacturers, award-winning designers, and engineers.

So what does it look like?

Volterman is slim and lightweight. It has a stylish design and cool functions. So the team captured the attention of crowd funders across the globe. Volterman wallets are currently presented on a worldwide known crowd funding platform called Indiegogo. It beat the record as it collected 100% of its initially fixed goal in just the first day. Realizing the importance of this wallet the project collected almost $1 million on Indiegogo. It was more than 2,000% of its $45k goal.  Currently, it is a huge innovative product available on the market.

It beat the record as it collected 100% of its initially fixed goal in just the first day. Realizing the importance of this wallet the project collected almost $1 million on Indiegogo. It was more than 2,000% of its $45k goal.  Currently, it is a huge innovative product available on the market.


Do you often leave your house without a wallet, keys, phone, and earphone? These are the things that we won’t leave the house without.

First of all, they are the essentials, the things without which our day will finish without even starting, things that without them our day will be incomplete. In this case, you won’t be able to carry out your day so you will be failed. Second, these things are the status of symbols and fashion accessories, sure, but they are also essentials.



You can start to use Volterman from now on. The wallet not only has unique features but it is also comfortable for everyday use.

After gaining Volterman, your battery won’t die at the worst possible moment. You won’t get big roaming bills after returning from a trip. All the wallets are constructed from Nappa leather or vegan faux leather. Currently, the wallets are ready for a mass production. With every Volterman wallet, you will receive 3 types of cables. All cables have high quality. The Design of the wallets is great. Backbone Branding Creative Design Company did the design and branding of the wallets.

Backbone Branding Creative Design Studio

Backbone Branding Creative Design Studio

About the camera…

One of the peculiarities of this wallet is its tiny camera. Thus when the pickpocket stoles and enters your wallet, this tiny camera takes sneaky snaps of the robber. The pictures of the person who enters to watch your stuff are immediately sent to your Smartphone. So you track where your wallet is in real time and watch the pictures.

So your phone and wallet associated with each other by signaling an alarm if you forget one of the other. GPS tracking of this new innovation will let you follow your wallet. This becomes true by a SIM card. This card is put within the wallet. It also allows the phone to be tracked via the company’s website.

Advantages of Volterman Smart Wallets

  • Built-in Power Bank
  • Distance Alarm System
  • Thief Detector Camera
  • Global WiFi Hotspot
  • Global GPS Tracker

Built-in Power Bank fully charges your smartphone on the go. Volterman Smart Wallets are extremely lightweight and thin. They work both ways wirelessly and with a hidden cable. In case if you left your wallet behind Bluetooth Alarm System to notify you.



So you will also get notifications if you forget your phone behind as well. So you can push the button on the wallet and your phone will ring. The ring will be heard even if the phone is on a silent mode. The team placed the battery in the wallet. So it cannot be replaced or removed. The team isolated the PCB inside with a very strong and resistant material to keep it safe.

Volterman Smart Wallet

Volterman Smart Wallet

By obtaining Volterman you won’t use expensive Data Roaming anymore. Wi-Fi Hotspot will provide the internet during your travel. In fact, the internet cost of the Volterman will be three times cheaper than roaming. As mentioned above Volterman has a tiny camera in the wallet. It becomes active only when it is lost. The wallet will take a snapshot of the first opener and email you his/her pictures.

Volterman Cables

Volterman Cables

Volterman makes it possible to track Your Wallet Globally. No matter where are you, you can track your Volterman from America to Siberia. So Global GPS system will secure you from thievery or lose your Volterman. Most importantly, this system is free. It doesn’t require any hidden charges or fees.

Volterman Global GPS Tracker

Volterman Global GPS Tracker

The team will send the wallets before Christmas. So it will become a perfect gift for Christmas.

Types of Volterman

The wallet is automatically connected to local networks in 98 countries. Though at the moment the exact tariffs from country to country are unclear. However, the company says that charges will be cheaper than data roaming. The early estimates are around US$15 per 1 GB. The power bank can charge Smartphone, either with a cable or wirelessly if your device has that capability.

There are 3 different sizes of this wallet.

  • A small cardholder model.It costs US$109 and has 2,000-mAh power bank (indiegogo.com).
  • The second one is a conventional bi-fold wallet. The price is $149. The wallet has 2,600-mAh power bank (indiegogo.com).
  • A larger travel size wallet which comprises of place for more cards, a passport. The cost is $175 and has 5,000-mAh power bank (indiegogo.com).


The wallet also has extra add-ons that include a wireless charger, passport cover and so on. The charger keeps the wallet powered up and costs $29.

You can also choose the type of the leather of the wallet. It can be vegan or genuine leather.

The team created three types of the most frequently used wallets. The team examined the behavior and daily life of the customers.

Before creating the wallet, the team examined the behavior and daily life of the customers. So they already know what kind of support they need in their mobile lifestyle.

Hereupon you can protect your important items due to Volterman. Despite its classic design it also has all necessary capacities for feeling safe. Likewise, this wallet will also alert you if you leave your phone behind due to built-in distance alarm.

All you need to know about Volterman

The PCB along with the power bank inside are isolated with a very strong and resistant material. The wallet has special resin fusion. So it won’t allow oxygen to get in which makes it impossible for the battery to explode or be destroyed.

Volterman Smart Wallet

Volterman Smart Wallet

Volterman is also waterproof. Thus it acts like a cooling system. This system prevents the battery from heating. The wallet has places for cards but the quantity depends on what type of the wallet you choose.



Volterman – cardholder has 2 pockets for cards and 1 inner pocket. In fact, you can place up to 10 cards in it. The bi-fold wallet has 6 pockets for cards and 2 inner pockets. The third type, Travel wallet has 4 separate inner pockets where you can place your passport, boarding tickets. This type has many places for cards and 1 bigger inner pocket for various documents that one may need while traveling.



Cardholder – 10x7cm

Bifold wallet – 12x9cm

Travel wallet- 19x9cm

Cardholder – 100 grams

Bifold wallet – 120 grams

Travel wallet – 150 grams

The wallet can’t hold coins. There is no separate pocket meant for them.  For charging the battery you will need 3-4 hours to fully charge the wallet. If you want to charge your phone then depending on a model, it will take 3-5 hours.

10% of the power bank is used for the functionality of the wallet. So the power bank of the wallet can be easily recharged from a wall socket or wirelessly too. If it is only 10% of charge left in the power bank, you will receive a notification to recharge your wallet. Due to your mobile application, you can track the charge of your wallet anytime.

Your wallet contains hundreds of stories. Volterman ensures they stay where they belong. The creators of the idea improved the quality of human life. Volterman wallets will be with you no matter where and in which circumstances you are. These wallets will protect you, remind and empower you. They provide energy in the most critical situations.