On April 17, the National Assembly elections of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia started. Serzh Sargsyan became the prime minister. 77 National+

Assembly deputies voted for, 15 voted against.

At about 12:10, during the rally in the French Square, Nikol Pashinyan announced that he is now starting a velvet revolution and they must block public institutions. During the rally, the crowd of protesters stretched from the French Square to Amiryan Street.

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After the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan, which took place on April 23, Nikol Pashinyan made a speech at the Republic Square of Armenia.

Earlier, Nikol Pashinyan stated during a press conference:

I will become the prime minister, if the nation puts that responsibility on me.

Also, as another reminder, acccording to Pashinyan the following is the second step after Serzh Sargsyan resigned:

“The National Assembly must elect a candidate for the prime minister chosen by the nation and this should take place within the next week. After which there will be a temporary government. Then, snap parliamentary elections should take place as soon as possible.”

So far, the Armenian nation’s only candidate for the post of the Prime Minister is no other than Nikol Pashinyan. However, during May 1 elections, which took about 10 hours, he didn’t get enough votes. So…

What Happened After May 1?

After the vote, Pashinyan, in the crowded rally in Yerevan’s Republic Square, c

alled on the civil disobedience actions to resume. Demonstrators started to close Mashtots-Tumanyan and Mashtots-Amiryan intersections and even the road taking to the airport.

The evening of May 1, 2018 (Republic Square)

The evening of May 1, 2018 (Republic Square)

During an interview with Azatutyun Radio station, he answered several important questions.


Mr. Pashinyan, do you think after seven days there’ll be Prime Minister’s new election? Or do you think that it can be resolved sooner?


There should be new de jure election for the post of the prime minister. Otherwise, if the election does not take place, extraordinary parliamentary elections will take place. You know, we analyze the scenarios and, in all scenarios, no one can defeat the pan-national movement. You see what’s going on, and the people who have felt the breath of victory can not let go of that victory.


If the Republican Party holds the snap elections, are you ready for this scenario?


Yes, we are ready for all scenarios, and in each scenario we have a plan of action.


Mr. Pashinyan, have you found the answer to the question as to what is the principal obstacle that they do not want to cede the power?


You know, they just use the opportunity. Because they only understand the power of brutal force, they do not understand anything else or they find it hard to understand. They think that if love and tolerance make up the revolution, then they can benefit from this love and tolerance, to save their seats for four more days.

The second issue is, I’m sure that their behavior is provocative. They want to annoy people, but that will not happen. Yesterday, they were constantly talking about aggravations, clashes. What clash? 95% of the people are supporters of the movement, who will clash with whom? Now they say that someone sent a provocative group, provokes clashes. That is no way to happen, no one can provoke, the whole situation is 100% under our control.

Nevertheless, two members of the Republican Party did not obey the decision of the faction to vote against Pashinyan. Grigor Avalyan did this indirectly, did not attend the session, and announced that he was leaving the mandate. Former deputy head of the National Security Service, former governor of Shirak, General Felix Tsolakyan voted for me. According to him, he did it as dictated his conscience.

Pashinyan also made a speech at the Republic Square.

Here it is:

It is already fixed that this is another Armenia and only 50 chairs in Baghramyan 19 remain in Armenia. The rest of Armenia is under the full control of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

The behavior of the Republican faction was exclusively provocative, they constantly wanted to make the people and their candidate nervous. To make them lose control, take provocative steps, to organize attacks. But we, dear people, are not engaged in marauding. That political corpse, which is called The Republican Party and faction, do not deserve our attention at all. And if it comes to negotations, I officially state that they can only refer to the political funeral of the Republican Party.

I want to clearly estimate what happened. The Republican faction’s voting has and will have the same effect as our kidnapping from Artsakh street and Erebuni street. I want to record that we have no option of doing a step back even half a millimeter.

The President’s Statement On The Latest Events

Armen Sargsyan

Yesterday, the National Assembly failed to elect the prime minister. I am really sorry that the political crisis is continuing despite the fact that everyone announces its danger for the future of the country.

Our attention is focused on the actions of the political forces involved. I urge you to continue the concils in the coming weeks to find a way out of the crisis that will serve our common national interests.

In addition, according to point 3 of Article 149 of the Constitution,”In case of a Prime Minister not being elected, seven days after the voting, a new Prime Minister’s election should take place. In which, at least one third of the total number of Deputies should nominate the candidates of the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister is not elected by a majority of the total number of Deputies, the National Assembly shall be released by law.

Hence, the issue of the election of the prime minister will be discussed at the special sitting of the National Assembly on May 8 at 12:00 pm by law. Parliament Speaker Ara Babloyan stated this.

Pashinyan’s Speech at the Republic Square


The rally of Nikol Pashinyan on May 2 was in a festive atmosphere. He stated during the rally:

I had a meeting with Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan. Then, we had a talk with head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun faction Armen Rustamyan. And you know that we all represent “Exit(Elq)” faction.

So tomorrow, with your permission, one third of the deputies of the National Assembly will formally nominate me as a candidate for the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. In other words,” Tsarukyan “,” Dashnaktsutyun “and” Exit “factions will give their signature for my candidacy for the prime minister. Do you agree with that option?

The oppositionist asked this to the crowd which greeted him with enthusiastic exclamations.

Pashinyan also informed that a meeting of the Republican faction took place. As a result of it, the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) stated that they will support the “candidate of the people” in the upcoming elections.

That is, if we take into account today’s political statements, the task of electing the candidate of the people in the second round of the Prime Minister’s elections is practically solved.

The oppositionist also added that so far all these are “verbal statements”. And, it is necessary to conduct concrete actions tomorrow, prepare documents.

In this regard, we offer the following scenario: tomorrow we are not carrying out any rallies in Yerevan or in the marzes of Armenia, and you are resting. We are working in the National Assembly and we are trying to make sure that these statements, which I have mentioned, particularly regarding the RPA, are guaranteed.

Pashinyan called on not to lose alertness in all cases, and to follow his Facebook page.

Because just theoretically, the events can develop in such a way, that there might be the need to hold rallies any time of the day.

Nikol Pashinyan also called on everyone to gather again on May 8 on the day of the Prime Minister’s election.


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