Snowboarding in Armenia is a unique experience both for professionals and amateurs. It is the inseparable part of Armenian winters. It is a recreational activity which is also a type of Olympic and Paralympic sports. Snowboarding involves gliding on the snow while standing with both feet on a wide board. In Armenia, it is a popular extreme sport activity which can provide you with an unforgettable experience. Armenian nature and geographical features are unique and suitable for professional snowboarding. Thus, many tourists visit Armenia to snowboard and admire the magnificent beauty of winter in our mountainous country.


The Ski Resort Tsakhkadzor is the most famous center for winter activities including snowboarding. It offers a European experience in the Caucasus mountains as well as family fun and challenging activities in the plentiful snow. Being located int he Kotayk Province it has slopes of 27 km. There are 6 lifts available for guest transportation. Between the elevations of 1,966 and 2,819 m, there is situated the winter sports area. The opening times of the resort may vary. They depend on the climate conditions of the region as well as on school and public holidays.

Snowboarding Armenia

Snowboarding in Armenia

The Ski Resort of Tsakhkadzor has its team of trained professionals. The team includes experienced skiers/snowboarders and tourism professionals who will provide their services to the guests. Armenia does not give in to any other mountainous country with its unique and snowy geographical features. Thus, you can plan your extraordinary and unique winter holidays in Armenia.


The Mountain

Mount Teghenis in Tsakhkadzor is 2,820 meters (9,260 feet) tall above sea level. It has a favorable height for different snow activities including snowboarding. The vertical drop of the skiable area is 850 meters (2,790 feet). The mountain has trails suitable for beginners and amateurs. There are also excellent choices for professionals for off-piste snowboarding. The best season for snowboarding in Armenia is mid-winter. The best month with the best snow cover and weather conditions is February, even though you can also go snowboarding from the end of December to early April. The prices for pass tickets and renting equipment may vary from season to season.

Overall there are 5 lines available for snowboarding in Tsakhkadzor. The total length of the lines is 30000 meters.

Line 1. 1137 m, 1969 – 2233 m

Line 2. 1458 m, 2233 -2475 m

Line 3. 1624 m, 2485 -2819 m

Line 4. 926 m, 2210 – 2354 m

Line 5. 1030 m, 1966 – 2232 m


The Ropeway


Snowboarding Armenia

Tsakhkadzor Ropeway was re-built in the mid-2000s. It takes the skiers and snowboarders to the top of the mountain to glide down from there. It is 2819 meters height and it will take you 32 minutes to get on the top of mount Teghenis on the ropeway. Overall there are 2 stations. The first one has 4-seat chairlifts , the other one has 2 seats. From the heights of mount Teghenis anyone can admire the majestic view of Armenian nature while snowboarding.

World Snow Day

On 09 January 2017 the first World Snow Day Event was held in Armenia. In the frameworks of FIS project named “Bring Children to the Snow,” the Armenian Ski Federation with the collaboration of the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports initiated a winter project in Armenia named “Skiing for Kids.” The goal of the project is to promote winter sports among youth and children in Armenia as well as to encourage them to have an active lifestyle. The project aims to last 3 years and develop winter sports in our country. The training is being held in Ashotsk region. Taking into consideration the favorable geographical settings and the climate conditions Ashotsk also known as the famous Cross-Country region in Armenia is the preferable place for snowboarding/skiing.

The first successful pilot phase of the event took place in winter 2017, and the second great event will take place in the upcoming year. The organizers decided to hold it on 21 January 2018. The results of the first event leave no doubts that the next one will be even more fun and breathtaking. So, stay tuned to register your children and provide them with the chance to participate in this fantastic experience. The second World Snow Day will also have other special offers. The event will include free lessons, free ski passes, and entry tickets, free food and drinks, free transportation, different gifts, and prizes as well as free equipment for the children aged from 1-10. The famous athletes of Armenia will put their effort to hold master classes and help the young children to learn snowboarding/skiing and will encourage them to participate in different engaging snow competitions.

International Ski Federation

Each year International Ski federation , the governing body for world’s international winter sports, organizes competitions in Tsakhkadzor.

There are also many snowboarding and skiing clubs that organize trips to mountains and have fun time together.

Overall, snowboarding is the indispensable part of Armenian winter sports. There are many excellent resorts in Armenia for professionals and non-professionals to go snowboarding and admiring the majestic view from the snowy mountains.