Food is a very important part of the Armenian culture. You will hardly ever see an Armenian perform any kind of celebrations or social events without a lot of food on their tables! Many friendships start with sharing a meal as well.
Consequently, there are a lot of restaurants in Armenia and especially in the capital city, Yerevan, The atmosphere is always warm and also welcoming, no matter where you go.
Yerevan restaurants offer traditional food and many of them also preserve old recipes. Other than that, a bunch of restaurants also offers a wide variety of foods of different cuisines. Let’s take a look at the best restaurants in the city, which are definitely able to satisfy all customers despite their preferences.
Our first list includes the best restaurants offering traditional meals!

Yerevan Restaurants: Traditional


Pandok Yerevan

One of the best places to enjoy Armenian traditional meals. Pandok Yerevan or Yerevan Tavern is popular both among the local people and also other visitors who are a fan of national food. Here you will find pure Armenian and the best Caucasian dishes. The menu includes a lot of delicious foods, for instance, khorovats.

Furthermore, Armenian music will also accompany you. This will definitely make your traditional dining experience better and fuller!

Find one of the 4 branches of Yerevan Tavern in Yerevan:

91 Teryan Street        + 374-10-508-800, + 374-10-508-800
5 Amiryan Street            + 374-10-545-545, + 374-10-545-545
7 Paronyan Street          + 374-10-530-563, + 374-10-530-563
29/2 Khorenatsi Street + 374-10-582-512, + 374-10-562-512


Since 1998, the goal of Dolmama restaurant in Yerevan has been to revive and also give a special touch to the Armenian cuisine. As you may guess from the name of the restaurant, the main dish is dolma.

For those who don’t know what dolma is…

Dolma is minced meat(beef, lamb), mixed with rice and then various spices of your choice, wrapped in grape or boiled cabbage leaves. Dolmama, however, has made some changes to the recipe. A slice of sirloin came to replace the ground meat, and also, rosemary and chili make the dolma pleasantly spicy. There’s no way any one will ever dislike this delicious food!

Dolmama never fails to amaze with its creativeness and also unique presentation of Armenian national cuisine.

Find Dolmama Restaurant in Yerevan:

10 Pushkin Street. Only a few feet from the Abovian Street. + 374-10-561-354.

Tufenkian Kharpert

Another amazing traditional Armenian restaurant is Tufenkian Kharpert. A very elegant and stunning restaurant will help you to get acquainted with the flavors of Armenia.

Furthermore, the goal of this upscale restaurant is to add new touches to the Western Armenian cuisine. The expert cooks at the restaurant have even traveled to the historic Armenian villages in order to find rare culinary books with forgotten, long lost recipes.

Find the Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant in Yerevan:

48 Hanrapetutyan str. + 374-60-501-030


The nice atmosphere and delicious traditional cuisine are what made Urartu a popular place for Armenians, and also foreigners. Armenian and European cuisine, pleasant atmosphere, live music, high-quality service, private rooms… what not! You can also go to the summer hall.
Find Urartu Restaurant in Yerevan:

Dzorap str., 1/1 Building (Kentron administrative district). + 374-10-538-041, + 374-10-538-106.

Old Erivan

Armenians have been famous for their hospitality and national cuisine since the ancient times. If you want to experience the Armenian hospitality together with national cuisine, this is the right choice. “Old Erivan” Restaurant combines the ancient and modern Armenian history and culture.

It is a popular restaurant with its unique style of Armenian traditional cuisine. Even the interior is unique!

On the walls of “Old Erivan,” you can see pictures of famous people and also politicians who have ever visited the restaurant. People can also choose a hall which is more suitable for them and closer to their preferences.

Erebuni Erivan, Old Erivan, New Yerevan, and also Lights of Erivan… these four restaurants will serve everyone and will satisfy all needs and requirements.

“Old Erivan” will definitely provide you with warmth and friendly atmosphere. The menu also amazes with its abundance and variety.

Find Old Erivan Restaurant in Yerevan:
Northern avenue, 2 Building (Kentron administrative district). + 374-10-540-575
In Tsakhkadzor:
Kotayk Marz, Tsaghkadzor, Grigor Magistros St., 10 Building (Hrazdan region). + 374-98-333-568

Kovkas Tavern

Kovkas Tavern or Caucasus Tavern is a great place to enjoy and also experience Caucasian hospitality and cuisine. The best cognacs and wines of the region will make the experience even better. In addition, the interior of the tavern looks like Yerevan or Tbilisi from the 19th century.

Furthermore, various musicians bring their traditional instruments every evening in order to play Sayat Nova, Sherami, and Jivani songs in the Maran East room.

Additionally, there is also a second complex which is located outside the city, on the Ashtarak highway.

Find Kovkas Tavern or Caucasus Tavern in Yerevan:

82 Hanrapetutyan str. + 374-10-561-177, + 374-10-562-614

Mer Taghe

One of the best fast food restaurants, “Mer Taghe” or “Our hood” offers the best lahmajoun in Yerevan along with many other dishes. In the end, one should definitely taste the delicious, traditional lahmajoun which is very often translated as “Armenian pizza”.

On a very thin, circle shaped, fresh piece of dough, the cooks of Mer Taghe add ground meat together with parsley, tomatoes, and also onions, making the best “Armenian pizza” that everyone will adore!

Find Mer Taghe or Our Hood in Yerevan:

21/1 Tumanyan str. + 374-10-580-106

Mer Gyughe

“Mer Gyughe” or “Our Village” is a very cozy restaurant. There you will feel at home and will also taste delicious Armenian traditional homemade food. The best wines from various villages and the awesome live music will accompany you. Moreover, your dining experience will be very enjoyable.

Consequently, it has a typical Armenian decoration and you will find many Armenian carpets inside.

Live performances, fresh and tasty food, ethnic style, very nice and cozy atmosphere. Definitely worth to visit!

Find Mer Gyughe or Our Village in Yerevan:

5 Sayat Nova Avenue. + 374-10-548-700

The Color of Pomegranates

A small, charismatic restaurant where relics from Vernissage market found their place. They decorate the restaurant and also make it look so comfortable and traditional. The menu includes Armenian as well as European and Georgian dishes.
Simple but nicely decorated, with good service and also awesome food, there’s no doubt that the Color of Pomegranates in our recommendation list.
Find the Color of Pomegranates in Yerevan:
Tumanyan O. str. 15. + 374-10-525-095


This restaurant, located in one of the most luxurious hotels of Yerevan – Republica, is a very beautiful place where you can undoubtedly enjoy your dining…

There are huge jars made special for the restaurant with ancient Armenian patterns or fragments of paintings of famous Armenian artists. There you will get back to the history of ancient Armenian along with Western Armenian cooking.

The incredible and epic presentation of dishes combines both wealth, and taste, and a delicate approach to something more than eating. Even from the first visit, anyone will be convinced that the dishes presented here are not just a recipe, but really a work of art from the chef.

Find Anoush Restaurant in Yerevan:

7/1 Amiryan Street, Republica Hotel. + 374-11-757-505

Yerevan Restaurants: World Cuisine


The Club

It is an elegant restaurant with a French touch. “the Club” offers delicious dishes both Armenian and international. The must-try dishes at the restaurant are lamb shank, salmon on wood, and also steak on a hot stone.

In addition, there is also a tea room. It gives you the chance to enjoy exquisite teas, various drinks, delicious desserts at the coziest and also the most relaxed tea room.

As a matter of fact, an assortment of traditional healthy teas from a Buddhist family from China is available only at The Club!

The Club is an affordable place, meanwhile, it is a high-class restaurant with talented chefs from Armenia and abroad.

Other than being a restaurant and owning a tea room, The Club also has a cafe, a marketplace with a wide range of stalls featuring magazines, books, films, crafts and more. There is a concert hall as well.

Find The Club restaurant in Yerevan:

40 Tumanyan Street. + 374-10-531-361


Close to the Tamanian statue in Yerevan, “Phoenicia” is an upscale restaurant with an interesting Italian, French and also Middle Eastern menu.

Experts prepare awesome steak, shrimp and chicken dishes. Other than that, there are also a few vegetarian options.

There you can also find a wide variety of wines.

Find Phoenicia restaurant in Yerevan:

Tamanyan St. 3. + 374-10-561-894


The experienced and professional designers from abroad made Provence Restaurant a very calm, comfortable and also quite a romantic place to enjoy your meal.

There you can organize family dinners and various celebrations. You can enjoy the taste of France and Italy. The combination of these two cuisines also creates a wide variety of choices in the menu.

There you can also find a comfortable corner designed special for business meetings. The quiet music and unique food will accompany you.

An interesting note: During their visit to Armenia, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose to dine in the romantic atmosphere of Provence.

Find Provence Restaurant in Yerevan:

10 Abovyan St. + 374-11-808-008


Another upscale restaurant in Yerevan, Sinatra is a place where you can taste the best international dishes made by the Italian chef.

A wide variety of salads, pasta, steaks, soups, and desserts are on the menu!

Other than enjoying food, you can also have a stunning view of Cascade along with Opera House. Take a step to this restaurant and you’re guaranteed to stay satisfied!

Find Sinatra Restaurant in Yerevan:

1 Baghramyan Ave., Opera Suit Hotel, 12th floor. + 374-11-201-006


Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a very popular place for meetings. It is a big, modern café-restaurant and bar. It has a very long list of delicious salads, sandwiches, tasty pizzas, and also awesome cakes and desserts.

You can enjoy just one cup of coffee and, meanwhile, get relaxed. You can sit both outside and inside depending on the weather and, of course, your mood!

Find Marco Polo in Yerevan:

1/3 Abovyan st. + 374-10-545-352


The first Mexican restaurant opened in Yerevan, Cactus quickly became one of the most favorite ones among the citizens of Yerevan, as well as those, visiting it.

The atmosphere is very friendly and also fun.There’s also a Latino music which will make you want to dance! You will taste the incredible dishes of Mexican cuisine once you get there!

Find Cactus in Yerevan:

42 Mashtots Ave. + 374-10-539-939


This is a luxurious restaurant, located near the Hrazdan gorge.

Florence has various banquet halls, a lounge, and also an open veranda. The largest hall can fit around 250-300 people. The smaller ones, however, 20-25 people.

Young people particularly love the open veranda. It is their favorite place, especially during the summer.

Find Florence in Yerevan:

64/2 Barbyus street. + 374-10-320-211


Most of Yerevan’s restaurants offer a wide variety of meals which include meat. This Northern Indian restaurant is one of the most favorite places for those who are more into vegetables! So, this is also a very welcome place.

The food there is always fresh and tasty. There is also Kingfisher beer on offer. The restaurant, however, does not accept credit cards.

Find Karma in Yerevan:

65 Teryan St. + 374-10-589-215

Old Beijing

Old Beijing is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Yerevan. Since 2009, the restaurant has become one of the most favorite places for many people.

Over two hundred different Chinese dishes, a large selection of drinks along with exotic cocktails, Chinese style decorations, and also the best music collection create a friendly atmosphere for family events, dinners, business lunches, and various celebrations.

Find Old Beijing in Yerevan:

9 Tumanyan St. + 374-10-527-822


Ankyun literally meaning a “corner” offers the best Italian food in the city.

The chef of the restaurant uses seasonal ingredients in order to create pizzas, antipasti, pasta, grills, and also astonishing versions of classic desserts such as tiramisu and pannacotta.

Find Ankyun in Yerevan:

4 Vardanants St. + 374-10-544-606


If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, Wasabi is the right choice! Feel the spirit of Japan while you are in Armenia.

Wasabi offers a wide range of Japanese foods, such as sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, Japanese soups, salads, and more.

Find Wasabi in Yerevan:

1/3 Abovyan St. + 374-10-565-422

There are many more restaurants in Yerevan, and in Armenia overall. Hopefully, this long list will help you to get to know some of them and also make a right choice based on your preferences.

We believe that food is a very significant part of a cultural heritage of the country. Yerevan gives you the chance to taste the Armenian traditional food, with long lost recipes of our ancestors so that you will immediately feel the Armenian spirit and have some general view of the culture.

On the other hand, there are many restaurants which introduce various other cuisines. This helps you get closer to a certain country and their culture while you’re in Armenia. Amazing, isn’t it? And if the country is your homeland, you can even feel yourself at home while you’re in a restaurant which introduces your country’s cuisine.

Have a nice dining experience in any of the above-noted restaurants!