Strikeball is a game for those who lead an active life and likes an extreme challenge. The core of the game is to fulfill the tasks of the scenario without violating the rules of the game. Day by day Strikeball becomes more and more popular in Armenia.

Strikeball is a team play, during which the participants use copies of real weapons. This gameplay applies to adults, so only people over 18 years of age can participate in the game. Children under the age of 18 can participate in games only under the supervision or with the written permission of their parents. The Duration of the game is from 3 to 5 hours.

Strikeball Armenia

Strikeball Armenia

Armenian Strikeball Federation named Movses Gorgisyan gives anyone an opportunity to participate in the upcoming plays or to create your own game. After creating your own game the federation will organize the entire process that you need for the game by providing airsoft guns, necessary equipment, food, and transportation. The Armenian Strikeball Federation named Movses Gorgisyan does everything to please the participants for creating new teams and by helping them to create games consisting of even 100 players.

Strikeball Game: Security Rules



– Participants must be on the battlefield. They must wear protective goggles or masks. The participants must remove them only in specially designated places and by the direction of the instructor.

– During the game, the use of hand-to-hand combat techniques, the use of physical force against one another, and insulting other participants is prohibited.

– Participants who have dropped out of the game must remain in specially designated “places for the dead.” They do not have the right to interfere in the game, contact other participants, talk to them, hand them weapons or cartridges.



– Participants of the game are required to follow the requirements of the instructor. The instructor has the right to withdraw a player from the game if he/she does not follow his requirements or violates the rules of the game and security.

– If a participant damages weapons or equipment, he must pay for that.


Airsoft/Strike-ball began in Japan in the early 1970s. The name referred to the green gas. It was used as a propellant. Originally they designed it for target shooting. In fact, the bullets also hit humans without injury. Thus they became popular for casual war-games among peoples of different ages. These guns spread to the UK in the late 1980s. Air Soft guns became popular in the early 1990s with a company named LS.

So the guns were sold in pieces. The people had to assemble it before they were capable of firing pellets. The creators designed this equipment to emulate real guns. Many producers copied it and manufactured them in Asia. In US many law enforcement agencies and military units use these guns for force-on-force training drills.

Game Scenarios of Armenian Strikeball Federation Plays

Hand Signals

Hand Signals

Ordinary Scenario


Scenarios with special plot


Price and Discounts

Strikeball in Armenia

Strikeball in Armenia

Armenian Strikeball Federation named after Movses Gorgisyan has 2 options for this game lovers. The first option includes 500 cartridges, necessary accessories and costs $18, the second one includes all of these plus 5000 cartridges more, food, transportation and costs $28.

The Armenian Strikeball Federation also can give coupons that entitle you to a 50% discount for the airsoft game. Thus the coupon provides a discount for overalls, mask, gloves, vest, attributes / walkie-talkie, binoculars – weapons / to choose from – 500 cartridges – game script.

You can purchase an unlimited number of coupons for yourself and as a gift. For the registration, you must call beforehand by dialing +374 91 61 21 11. So do not forget to show the printed coupon.


The people who are engaged in strike-ball say that one should treat a strike-ball gun like a real gun. It will help reduce safety issues that bring an accidental flux to an unknowing target. Strike-ball gun also can be confused with a real firearm. Most airsoft gun manufacturers add an orange tip on the barrel for safety purposes.

Thus the strike-ball gun manufacturers and retailers insist the buyers to not remove that orange tip as it is a good thing that helps to distinguish airsoft guns from real ones.

So for playing strike-ball game, the participant must use a pair of Ballistic eyewear ANSI Z87.1. These glasses protect participants eyes. Sunglasses or ordinary prescription glasses aren’t recommended to wear during the game because it can be broken or struck during the play, causing harm to the eye.

Srikeball/Airsoft equipment

Srikeball/Airsoft equipment

One shouldn’t confuse these guns with BB guns. BB guns are not safe for firing at a person even if he has protective eyewear. Many organizations created common strike-ball or airsoft gun safety rules and guidelines. Sometimes it is better to leave gun’s set to the safety positions when the participants are not shooting.

Airsoft’s gun power is tested by a chronograph and usually measures in FPS (feet per second). Different games have different FPS amount. Thus in many countries, FPS of airsoft gun’s set varies. Since 1980’s airsoft was enjoyed by all ages. Up to the present time, many people still enjoy playing airsoft.

Airsoft/Strike-ball vs Paintball

Airsoft is an interesting type of sport during which players abolish their enemies by hitting each other with plastic pellets that have weapon form. People usually compare this sport with paintball. It is important to realize that though their concept is the same, there are many differences to mention.

So what are the main differences between airsoft and paintball? Let’s uncover these differences together.

  1. Airsoft pallets usually leave red skin marks or “welts”. These hits are not visibly evident. Thus in paintball, the players hit balls that have colorful fill. These colors are very difficult to conceal or rub out during the game.

    Red Marks

    Red Marks

  2. Generally, airsoft guns contain compressed gas canisters called propane (e.g. propane, HFC-134a or CO2). There are a lot of airsoft guns that have rising platforms which can be fit with firearm accessories. These guns are similar to real guns. One can find this type of guns among military simulations.
  3. Another difference is the cost of these two games. Unlike paintball, airsoft is much cheaper. Paintball pistols cost $5 apiece and airsoft pellets cost 1⁄20 of a cent per round.

Airsoft or strike-ball play has various styles and structures, the play ranges from the short-term episode of fighting. The game plays usually have a specific plot. So playing airsoft you can take part in MilSim, historical reenactments, close quarters battle, etc.



The game can be played both indoor and outdoor. During the game, the participants use military tactics to achieve the game’s objectives and to win. Here the participants can compete with specific equipment and accessories that are used by police institutions and modern military. You need not worry to play this game because trained professionals keep this game safe.

Ballistics and velocity

The airsoft pellet’s pain is the result of its kinetic energy. If we double the pellet’s velocity we will multiply its kinetic energy four times. 6mm 0.20 gram BB has 1 joule of kinetic energy. The maximum range of the gun is 100m (110yd). For field play, airsoft guns have a range of 43-67 meters. Thus most airsoft guns shoot from 60/s to 125 m/s.

Strikeball gun muzzles with orange-tip

Orange Tip

Orange Tip

In the United States, retailers sell these guns with a 6mm or longer orange tip. In fact, the manufacturers add the orange tips to distinguish them from real firearms.

Usually, many manufacturers and importers cite 15th title of the Code which mean that nobody shall manufacture, do commerce, ship, transport, or receive any toy that look-alike, or is the imitation of a firearm.

But section 272.1 says that these restrictions do not refer to “traditional B-B, paintball, or pellet-firing air guns.

So in many places, it is mandatory to put an orange-tip or bright-color paint on all airsoft/strike-ball guns because they can alarm the public. In fact, experiments show that people buy airsoft guns in a large quantity if they are not presented with an orange tip.


When people fire airsoft guns, the pellets rise upward. People call this Magnus effect. So when the people adjust the Hop-up system the nub protrude into the barrel. In this case, the backspin is increased or reduced.

Professionals adjust the Hop-up system in a way that makes the pellets fly as far as possible. They fly in a straight line without curving upward too far or dropping to the ground too quickly. But the Hop-Up system also has disadvantages. It can decrease projectile’s velocity by making it 300 ft/s.

Airsoft projectiles

These guns fire round plastic pellets that mostly range from 0.12 to 0.48 g. Generally, they are white, but black “invisible” or phosphorescent. Though, the most popular weights of GBB and AEGs are 0.20 g and 0.25 g. people usually bought airsoft gun pellets in bags or bottles of 2,000 to 5,000. Thus there are also other sizes, such as a 250,000 round (65 kg) package. Many fields require biodegradable pellets though they are more expensive than non-bio counterparts. Depending on the brand there are pellets with a different diameter. Typical sizes are 6 and 8mm.




Most game players make customizations of the gun in order to improve its performance. The others customize airsoft guns for aesthetic reasons. Airsoft gun lovers usually add flashlights, scopes, and lasers. The most popular scope that the gun lovers add is the red dot sight. There are different types of flashlights. For instance, people use mounted flashlights tactically in airsoft games played in dark places. Strikeball gun lovers also add lasers, though they just create a good appearance and do not give any practical effect. Thus even if in several countries lasers are illegal, you can find many popular modifications in the U.S A. and Europe.

Legal restrictions

The usage of airsoft guns is legal in most parts of the world. Some countries may have specific restrictions that include velocity and color that helps to distinguish these guns from firearms. Airsoft guns are not allowed to use publicly because they look like a real firearm. But people can use these guns on private property with the consent of the owner.