Armenian Population

Armenian Population

Armenia occupies a territory of 29.800 square kilometres.  Armenian population is about 8 million in the whole world, but only about 3 million live in Armenia. Another 5 million live in different parts of the world. They migrated during different stages of Armenian history.

Currently, according to the statistics, the population of Armenia is 2.986.005. Including, the urban population is 1.901007, and rural population is 1.084008. Because of the long, torturing history, Armenia has less population and area now. The wars, aggressions of the enemies, economic crisis made Armenia weaker, but not defeatable.

The History of Armenian Population

Armenian popuation

Armenian Population in ancient times

In Armenology, the most controversial question has been the origin and establishment of Armenian people. The questions like: from where and when comes the origin, which the original area is, are raised because of the different sources, and the people who study them. These experts have different political and another type of views, so they don’t always share the same opinion.

About Armenians’ origin there have been a number of traditions, but according to the Armenology views, the most interesting ones are Armenian, Greek, Old Hebrew, Georgian and Arabic.

The Armenian tradition came to us with the help of notes of Movses Khorenatsi. According to this tradition, Armenians are the descendants of Hayk Patriarch.

The Greek tradition connects Armenian origin to the tradition of Argonavordner. According to this, the ancestor was Armenos Tesalatsi.

Georgian tradition is like Armenian.

Arabic tradition connects the origin of Armenians, to Noy.

Old Hebrew tradition gives this description about Armenian’s origin: <<Uros established Armenia>>.

So, to sum it up, we can affirm, that Armenian language and the speakers of it have become independent from Indo-European generality during  4-3 BC. And from these times Armenians appeared in Armenian Highland.

During the ages, the number of Armenian population increased. When Armenia was from ocean to ocean, that was the best time of it. Armenian population wasn’t only much, but also rich. After those days Armenia faced many wars and had hard days. Though the population of Armenia decreased and,  the country was in its hard times, it didn’t go down.

Armenian Population after Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide

When Armenia was divided into 2 parts, between Russia and Turkey, it got the hardest attack. About 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turkeys.

About Ottoman Armenian population there is an article in details in

“In 1844, the Ottoman government recorded a total of 2.4 million Armenians. The Armenians inhabiting Ottoman Empire in Europe are scarcely four hundred thousand, of which more than half reside in Constantinople. On the other hand, Turkey in Asia contains not less than two million Armenians, the majority of whom still inhabit the ancient territory of their forefathers in the neighbourhood of Mount Ararat.”

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Armenian Population Nowadays

After getting the independence for the third time, Armenia’s population differs from year to year. For example, in 1991 the population of Armenia was  3 528 304, in 2001 it was 3 068 067, in 2011 2 965 740 and in 2017 the population is about 3 million. As you can notice the number of the population has decreased. This is because of the migration. Below are some obvious reasons for migration in Armenia:

  • There are fewer Workplaces

      Armenians have always been industrious people. Nowadays, there are fewer workplaces and many people just don’t have jobs. For keeping the family in safe and giving a good life to their children, many men and women go abroad for work. There is a worse thing is, that many people simply leave their country because they can’t find a job.

  • Higher Institutions have higher Fees

    A lot of students prefer to study abroad. The thing is, that many of them think they don’t get an appropriate education for the money they spend on it. Other young people, who want to study in higher institutions, don’t study because of the same higher fees. And they prefer to leave the country and help their parents to earn money than to spend on education.

  • People don’t see a Future in Armenia

    If you ask anyone in Armenia the question “Do you see a future in Armenia?”, 95 percent of people will answer “no”. In this case, migration happens, because people want a better life thinking the abroad will give it to them without anything. So they leave Armenia.


Armenian Population in the World

Armenian Diaspora

Armenian diaspora

As I mentioned above, about 5 million Armenians live abroad. In every part of the world, you can meet an Armenian.

Here are the names of the countries that have Armenian population.

  • Armenians in Russia

    Since the 1880s there was Armenian population in Russia. The largest number of Armenians live here outside of Armenia. More than 1 million Armenians live in Russia.

  • Armenians in the US

    The Armenian Population of America increases because many people prefer to go there. Migration is quite much. The US is the second with the most Armenian population. There are about 1-1.5 million Armenians.

  • Armenians in France

    The French Armenian community is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. France has an Armenian population of 250000-750000.

  • Armenians in Georgia

    Armenians in Georgia or Virahayer. The Armenian population is mostly in Tbilisi.  There are 168191 Armenians in Georgia.

  • Armenians in Iran

    Armenians, living in Iran are also called Iranahayer. They mostly live in Tabriz, Tehran and Isfahan’s Jolfa (Nor Jugha) quarter. Armenian population of Iran is 120000.

  • Armenians in Germany

    Most Armenians immigrated to Germany after the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Nowadays also Armenians go Germany and live there. Germany has an Armenian population of 90000-110000.

  • Armenians in Syria

Syria and the surrounding areas have been as a home for many Armenians who left their country because of the wars and persecutions of the enemies. One of them was the Armenian Genocide.

According to the statistics of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia 100000 Armenians live in Syria, and more than 60000 of them live in Aleppo. But Armenian foundation in Syria puts the number around 70-80000 Armenians.