Armenia has a unique nature that surprises with its majesty. Impressive mountains, azure lakes, green valleys and cool waterfalls of Armenia can inspire and amaze anyone with their astonishing majestic beauty. One of the things in life that make Armenians feel happy and pleased is the breathtaking waterfall called Shaki. Located in Sisian town, Shaki Waterfall inspired its viewers to start writing, painting, singing, breathing hard over and over again and just living. It gives diverse feelings but all of them are positive ones. 


Sisian is a city in Southern Armenia. It is a pleasant town. There is a river that runs through the town. In the center of Sisian, you can see an ancient church called Sisavan.


Sisian; Places to Visit in Sisian

Here is what you can see if you travel in Sisian.

Shaki Waterfall – It is a charming place for a picnic on a hot summer day. Here most of the water is normally diverted to generate electricity.

Ughtasar Petroglyphs – It is an interesting place that you can visit only between July-September because of the snow. You can hike there. For going to Ughtasar take a bus or car. If you prefer comfort you can hire a car for 20,000. The car will be suitable for up to 4 people. You will get there for 2 hours or so. Ughtasar is littered with petroglyphs. Moreover, you will see people, animals, dancing, hunting designs on these petroglyphs that are 5 to 8,000 years old.

Zorats Kareris also called Karahunj. It is a prehistoric archaeological site in the Syunik Province. This place occupies a territory of about 7 hectares.  In his book, Armenian historian Stepanos Orbelian mentioned about a village Carunge that means Stone Treasure or Foundational Stones. The word ”Car” means stone, and ”Hoonch” means sound. Thus the name means ”Speaking Stones” presumably because the stones make whistling sounds on windy days. 


Other places to visit;

Vorotnaberd Fort Ruins – You can find it between the villages of Vaghatin and Vorotan.  It is important to realize that Vorotnaberd is one of the oldest fortresses in Armenia. One of the Armenian historians mentioned Vorotnaberd as one of Syunik’s important fortresses. Presently Vorotnaberd is in ruins. In fact, all around the territory of the fortress is covered with fractured basalt walls. North-west of Vorotnaberd there is Vorotnavank (Vorotna monastery).

Vorotnavank Monastery –  is a fortified monastery. It is situated between villages of Vaghatin and Vorotan. The monastery is surrounded by a high stone wall. The wall was built to defend it against foreign invasions. As a matter of facts, an Armenian medieval philosopher and theologian named Hovhan Vorotnetsi lived and worked at the monastery. Obviously, this place is often visited by foreigners as it’s quiet and interesting sight.

Shamb Hotsprings –  It’s a popular place for locals to go swimming or having a picnic. However, the water here is not too hot. It must be remembered that people have successfully bathed here even during the winter.

Aghudi MemorialIt is a nice monument on the road to Vorotnavank Monastery. It is another place where you can visit while traveling to Sisian. The place is 1,500 years old. This old memorial is a unique one in this territory. Aghudi Memorial is a few stories high. All things considered, the monument was originally modest. In fact, the architecture of Armenian monuments created in 5th and 7th centuries are unique works and deserve special mention. At that period the Armenian Church and holy places had special importance.  

So this is the tour plan that the most travelers follow.


The beauty of Shaki Waterfall

Shaki waterfall is a fantasy place that surprises everyone with its cool, noisy and pure water. Obviously, it has a majestic appearance with its strikingly beautiful fall, stone niches, slopes and deep grottos.

Shaki Waterfall

Shaki Waterfall

Shaki waterfall is situated on the left side of the Vorotan River. In fact, the flows of basalt became solid and formed 18 meters high ledge. The waterfall is in Syunik Province that is 6km away from town Sisian. It is important to realize that it is one of the most inspiring sights in Armenia.

Shaki Waterfalls have a big power and beauty of nature. Shaki waterfall shimmers and falls breaks into a thousand shards of spray. Sometimes Shaki’s smashing water scares and attracts souls. Besides being a charming place Shaki Fall is also a sweet place for lovers. In fact,  many romance stories begin near the splashing waterfall of Shaki. Many couples fall in love here during tours to Shaki and some of them told their feelings and married here. 

Shaki Waterfall Location

Waterfall Location

Waterfall Location

Shaki is the enchanted treasure of Syunik. It is in the north of the cozy town called Sisian. There the water descends from the 18meters height. It is 6km from the town of Sisian. Here the road distance consists of 217 km southeast from the capital Yerevan. The waterfall is so powerful and strong that if you speak or call next to the waterfall your voice will be inaudible.


How to Reach There?

There are several ways to go to Shaki waterfall.

So you can go there by

  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Bike

All things considered, it is preferable to plan a tour beforehand. There are several buses that go to Sisian. Check the bus numbers.  So if you go there by bus it will take you 4 hours to reach there from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. You can take a taxi or a bus in bus junctions. Enjoy your time and visit nearby attractions for quite reasonable prices.


Legends about Shaki Falls:

What is the importance of legends today?

Legends are important to us for many reasons. They have value as literature and offer timeless themes. The legends tell us about other times and places. So in this way, we can analyze of how much people had and have in common. The themes of the legends look like the themes of the literature. Here you can read or listen to men, women, gods, nature, family and so forth. Thus most of the legends comprise of one of these themes if not several ones. The legends are creative and beautiful. These features make legends worth of study. So it helps us to know more about the roots of the literature and history.

Like in other countries, Armenia legends also reflect the culture, the values, and history. Armenian legends show the facts that Armenian girls always were beautiful, it proves that the love and morality were and are an important part of this nation. Other themes include strong men, nobility and hardworking.

There are two legends connected to Shaki waterfall;

First Legend

According to the first one a thousand years ago a conqueror was captured by the beauty of the girl named Shaki. The conqueror ordered Shaki to come and introduce herself. He gave her two options be his or not. Shaki chose the second and threw herself from a high rock. Legend tells that while she was falling her long dress was opened and formed the waterfall. Thus the waterfall was named after her.

First Legend

First Legend

Second Legend

The second legend looks like the first one but it differs with its development and ending. In this legend, you will also meet an Armenian beautiful girl. So according to it a long time ago 93 virgins were stolen by an enemy from the Armenian province called Gugharkunik. The conqueror ordered his soldiers to bring the girls to his place, a camp in Mughan. Soon they reached the place. The invader gave the girls some time to get prepared. The girls told the invader that the road was long and exhausted and that they were dirty. They asked him to let them have a bath in the river. He gave permission. Thus the girls pull down their clothes and get in the Vorotan River. Among these virgins, there was an enchanted blue-eyed girl named Shaki. She entered the water and tried to escape from the enemy. Soon the enemy could reach her but at that moment a rock rose in Vorotan River and water descends from the rock. This is how the Shaki waterfall was created and hid Shaki. Since then the village and the waterfall named after her.

Second Legend

Second Legend

Legends differ from place to place. For example, Japanese legends show the fact that their country is an island nation and that sea is the major part in the legends. Native American legends tell about their lifestyle and hobbies. For instance, some native American legends show that original Americans were hunters and liked to collect things.

Legends must be a part of our life. It shouldn’t be considered as outdated, primitive or unimportant.


Types of the Waterfalls

According to on the way they fall, waterfalls are classified into 10 types.

  • Plunge: Water drops upright. It loses contact with the top of the bedrock.
  • Horsetail: Falling water keeps some contact with the base.
  • Cataract: Wide and powerful waterfall.
  • Multi-step: A chain of waterfalls one after another of the same size.
  • Block: Water drops from a relatively extensive stream or river.
  • Cascade: Water drops by a chain of rock steps.
  • Segmented: When the water drops distinctly separate flows of water are formed.
  • Tiered: Water drops in a series of distinct steps or falls.
  • Punchbowl: Water drops in a constricted form. It extends in a larger pool.
  • Fan: Water drops and keeps contact with the base. Thus water extends horizontally.


If you want to travel to Shaki plan your visit in advance as you can accompany your tour with several other sites in Syunik region. So in addition to Shaki Falls, you can also go to Karahunj, Tatev Monastery, the Devil’s Bridge, Vorotnaberd, Zaangezur Mountains and others.



Shaki definitely is one of the natural wonders on Earth. Your visit to Shaki Waterfall will be a breathtaking experience. You will be overwhelmed with the stunning sight, as well as a splitting voice. We are all an inseparable part of water life. If you didn’t go there yet, do not miss your chance to see such inspiring beauty in Sisian, Armenia. So Let’s Feel the things That Make Us Alive.