Mother Armenia Statue

Mother Armenia Statue overlooking Yerevan is a monumental statue which is a female personification of our country. The gigantic figure of an Armenian woman armed with a sword represents our cultural significance. It also resembles the strong will and the fighting spirit of our nation. 

Mother Armenia Statue is located at the eastern end of Victory Park, which is on the top of Cascade Complex.


To get there from the center of the city, you can either walk up the Cascade stairs or take the escalator. Another way of reaching the Victory Park is taking a taxi. It is hard to find a regular public transport that will bring you there. Hence, taking a taxi is the best option if you mind reaching there on foot.


Stalin's Statue Before Mother Armenia

Stalin’s Statue during Soviet Armenia

The current monument of Mother Armenia replaces the statue of Joseph Stalin built in 1950. Being a part of Soviet Union, Armenian army took part in Great Patriotic War. Thus, people built the statue to commemorate the victory of Soviet Armenians in World War II. However, the figure of Stalin was not a symbol of a caring father but was rather a statue symbolizing fear and sturdiness.

Grigor Harutyunyan, who was one of the members of the Armenian government during Soviet times, planned the construction of Stalin’s statue. With the help of architect Rafayel Israyelyan, they designed the pedestal of the monument resembling a three-nave basilica reminding the typical Armenian churches.  The whole statue was ready on November 29 in 1950 due to Sergey Merkurov, a talented sculptor of that time. Back then, there were lots of rumors in the city stating that the day before the statue’s unveiling Stalin had secretly arrived in Yerevan to approve the opening of his memorial.




In spring of 1962, after the death of Stalin and the collapse of Soviet Union, the Armenians decided to remove the statue. During the removal process, lots of workers got severe injuries, and one soldier even died. According to rumors, even after death the “Father of Nations” (the way people used to refer to Stalin) could curse people and kill them from beyond his grave.

In 1967, Armenian sculptor named Ara Harutyunyan designed the statue of Mother Armenia, and the today’s well-known sword-bearing woman finally occupied the pedestal.

Next, to Mother Armenia Statue, there is the Grave of the Unknown Soldier which symbolizes the eternal memory of Armenian people who died during World War II.


Statue of Mother Armenia has 22 m (72 feet) height. The overall monument, including the height of the pedestal, is 51 m (167 feet) meters high. It is one of the tallest and eye-catching monuments in Yerevan. The statue is so huge that you can spot it from almost anywhere in Yerevan.

While the statue is built of hammered copper, the pedestal is made of basalt.


The Statue of Mother Armenia symbolized the strength of Armenian women who are always ready to stand beside their husbands and fight for their country. It resembles some of the well-known Armenian historical female figures such as Sose Mayrig who devoted herself to her nation.

The Monument also faces Turkey. It seems that Mother Armenia with her enormous sword is ready to attack the enemy and protect Armenia in case of danger.


Military Museum in Yerevan

Military Museum inside the Statue

Inside the Statue there is the Military Museum of the Ministry of Defense. It used to commemorate the victims of World War II and contained exhibits about the War. However, now it is mostly devoted to Nagorno-Karabakh War.

Inside the Mother Armenia Memorial Complex, there are 30.000 historical artifacts such as photos, documents of war participants, their personal belongings and weapons. All these items and materials remained from Nagorno-Karabakh War. You can find some of the larger historical artifacts such as tanks, guns, and model planes exhibited outside of the museum.

Armenian old tank

Armenian old tank model

Working hours

Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The entrance is free.

The expected time to see the museum materials is 30-40 minutes. To walk along and enjoy the exhibits located outside the museum you may need some extra time.


The Park is named “Victory” to commemorate the victory of Armenians in World War II. After the death of Stalin, it became popular as “Monument.”

The Park is located on Azatutyan Avenue, area 2. Here you can not only visit Mother Armenia and the Military Museum but also admire the forested area of the Park. It is an ideal place for evening walks or outdoor picnics. In the territory of the Victory Park, there is an artificial lake and the amusement park. After visiting the monument you can have a break and enjoy a meal at the outdoor cafes in the Park.


Each year on 9 May, thousands of Armenians visit the Victory Park and lay flowers to commemorate the soldiers who died during Great Patriotic War. Even the representatives of Armenian government visit the monument to honor the victims with a minute of silence.

Overall, every tourist should visit Mother Armenia Statue and admire the beautiful view from the Victory Park.